Welcome to TheGoddessGlowUp¬© this site is designed for individuals who are ready for life changing-transformation from inside and out. Here you will find Tahiry Devine share her life experiences and goddess hacks to assist you in enhancing and living Your Best Life! From Fashion to Beauty, and Lifestyle healing, we will dive into a vision of fun where dreams come true!

In this sacred venue, we specialize in the Healing Arts to move you into and through the pieces of Self that have kept you stuck or stagnant emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially.


Who is Tahiry Devine?

Tahiry means, “she who has learned from her past”. While in the middle of her own Hero’s Journey, Tahiry rediscovered the ancient spiritual tools of Tarot and Oracle cards, Numerology, and Astrology at a young age. Learning the personalities and intentions of her environment helped her to maneuver through some exploratory times growing up. The fascinating accuracy of the universes map clarified that we all have a purpose beyond our mere understanding. Living Life on Purpose with Purpose AND The Glow Up are her personal mantra for herself and those she connects with.

Tahiry is a Lover, Mother, Sister, Friend, and Confidant. When she is not in ceremony, praying, and slaying for those she serves, you can find her coastal on a beach, a festival, or foraging through her favorite beauty and makeup aisles.



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