Dark Divine Feminine Archetypes

There are several dark divine feminine archetypes that appear in various mythologies and spiritual traditions. Some of the most well-known include:

  1. Kali – a Hindu goddess who is associated with death, destruction, and transformation. She is often depicted with multiple arms, carrying weapons and severed heads, and is said to represent the power of time and change.
  2. Lilith – a figure from Jewish folklore who is associated with sexuality, independence, and rebellion. She is often depicted as a demonic figure, and has been interpreted as a symbol of women’s empowerment and liberation.
  3. Hecate – a Greek goddess who is associated with witchcraft, magic, and the underworld. She is often depicted with torches, keys, and serpents, and is said to represent the power of transformation and the mysteries of the unconscious.
  4. The Morrigan – a Celtic goddess who is associated with battle, death, and sovereignty. She is often depicted as a triple goddess, and is said to represent the power of transformation and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

These archetypes teach us to embrace the darker, more mysterious aspects of life, and to find strength and wisdom in times of chaos and transformation. They remind us that death and destruction are natural and necessary parts of the cycle of life, and that by embracing these forces, we can tap into a deeper sense of power and purpose.

The myth of the dark divine feminine varies depending on the archetype in question, but in general, these myths involve themes of transformation, rebirth, and the power of the unconscious. They often feature powerful female figures who challenge the patriarchal order and assert their own independence and agency, sometimes at great cost. Through these myths, we can learn to embrace our own power and agency, and to recognize the value of our own darkness and complexity.


What is Dark Feminine Energy

The concept of “dark feminine energy” refers to the aspects of the divine feminine that are associated with mystery, transformation, and the depths of the unconscious. This archetype is often represented by goddesses such as Kali, Lilith, Hecate, and the Morrigan, among others.

To awaken and connect with the dark feminine, one can start by exploring their own inner darkness and shadow aspects. This can involve practices such as journaling, meditation, dreamwork, and creative expression. It may also involve working with the symbols and imagery of dark feminine goddesses, and exploring the myths and stories associated with them.

Connecting with the dark feminine can help women to embrace their own power, creativity, and sexuality, and to transform aspects of themselves that may be holding them back. It can also help women to connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and to develop a more holistic and integrated sense of self.

It’s important to note that the “dark feminine” is not necessarily a force that is separate from or opposed to the “light feminine.” Rather, these are two aspects of a larger, more complex archetype that encompasses both light and dark. By embracing the dark feminine, women can tap into a deeper sense of wholeness and balance, and cultivate a more authentic and empowered sense of self.


Doing the Great Work

I was first introduced to the concept of a Great Work from my Christian upbringing from the bible scripture John 14:12. According to John, greater works can only be applied through the Christian savior, Jesus. This concept of great works implies becoming Christ-like, performing miracles and sacrificing yourself for the sake of others. While it may seem noble, I will not be exploring that concept, more so, I will refer to the “Great Work” as described in Hermeticism. Our Great Work is fueled by our desires and is the vehicle for transmutation. As I have taken time to explore and claim my Great Work, I have learned that accepting the process of development makes wielding my Great Work with more ease. This means you will not get there overnight! Nor is reading a few books, attending a few courses or classes, or even taking a three-month sabbatical on a Buddhist mountain top! While your Great Work may lead you down those paths; the point is, this is a lifelong journey and process that will be full of ups, downs, disappointments, successes, joy, and failure- heavy on failure because that is where you truly find the answers and your way.

A close friend of mine stated that we are already in our Great Work, however, because we are so deeply invested in our experience that we tend to miss it or overlook how we are in flow of our Works. That is when I began to shift my perspective and take audit of my life experiences up to that point. And we truly are in our Great Work everyday, even in the mundane day to day experiences. These moments create the vast picture of what our purpose are.

If you are feeling stumped, or unsure what your purpose is, then I encourage you to review your life objectively. Sit quietly with yourself and write out what experiences you have had, pleasurable and unpleasurable, what failures and successes, and what mundane things you like to do and not do. While in this quiet space, refrain from judging any parts of yourself while you are allowing yourself to become curious. It is in these moments that your most profound messages and revelations shall come to you.

You may need to do this as a continued practice, and if so, encourage you to take 10-15 minutes a day for the next week to see what you will discover. Claiming and owning your Great Work is a process, and all great things develop with time and refinement. Have patience and extend grace to yourself. Greatness is calling!


A tale of a Women’s Her-Story

I shared this post for #BlackHistoryMonth in a Goddess group I’m in. For context, the group is predominantly non-women of color, so when asked I was flattered to write up a personal story. And in writing, I became nervous and old triggers flared up. No one in the group made me feel uncomfortable, and the request was in no way tone deaf. Regardless, the offering came about beautifully and the assignment was well understood.
So, here I am re-sharing in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth Thank you 🙏🏽

I am honored that I was asked to share an offering for Black Her-Story Month #BlackHistoryMonth
As I did volunteered for a topic I must say its been triggering and brought me deeper into self reflection, nevertheless, I must trigger through. 💙✨💙

I will be sharing from my personal experiences, and welcome it as a portion of the collective experience of the witch wound among Black Afro indigenous women. Many of us sisters have experience this and there is quite nuances in all our experiences, particularly as it shows or plays out among Black Afro indigenous women. I don’t want to stand as a representation for all black women or Black American women however, I do believe there are intersections in what I will offer. I’ll share my experience as I am triggering through and healing the witch wound.

I grew up in a very Christian southern military home that was quite patriarchal; However, I can remember my late paternal great grandmother being very knowledgeable of roots, herbs, and cultivating tinctures. She was of Cherokee Nation (Chicora Indian) and Angola descendent by way of the slave trade, who grew up on the Gullah Islands of South Carolina and Florida. Although she was very much a Christian, a preachers wife, and a high society social lite, there was this quiet mystical aura about her. Now these old folks would never call themself magical, let alone a witch, for that would be blasphemous, however, they would say in the whispers of night that she was a “root Woman”.

Even as I reflect on my late maternal great grandmother who was very much connected to her native American indigenous heritage too, she was very much a Christian, as well as a minister’s wife. She was a highly skilled gardener and cook, she could heal just about anything with a tea, cake, or a stew. She was from Louisiana. I can remember from both my parents, detesting the workings of both my great grandmothers, never in a disrespectful manner, but in a fearful manner as if they were doing something wrong or evil. Nevertheless, they and many others would still with seek her out for help for any ailments both physical and metaphysical. Their work Was detested yet necessary.

So fast forward to myself when I began my awakening shortly after 2012, I became more interested in learning the history of both my great grandmothers. I was quite intrigued by what they understood and what they had knowledge of despite my parents and other family members whispers of disapproval. Just like my great grandmothers, I too suffered disapproval, but more so publicly for my exiting of the Christian church.
It was a very lonely in dark time for me during my awakening however what I was able to gain was a deeper understanding and connection with both my blood lines I was able to reconcile the missing Link as to what my great grandmothers could not do openly, could not say openly, could not live openly.

I honor these women and every women before them Who were not able to live and be wild and free. Who were bounded to social, racial, and Misogynoir norms that limited their expansion.

I honor every single witchy woman, mystics, obeah woman, root worker, spirit cooker, Oracle seer and Priestess along her path for isolation is also protection.

Now as I am growing comfortable with outing myself, I personally struggle with my knowings and not knowing how I know. I am working through embracing that I belong here. That I too am Daughter of The Mother, they I too am seen. That I too belong. That I too am powerful and I too can be free. For I was and will always be Free.

And That Not just “I too” but I“AM”.
So when I reflect on the collective of Black Afro Indigenous women, I feel the collective grief, hurt, shame, and fear- mainly fear of remembering the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WHY- and the ANGER, rage that comes with the cycle and process healing grief and anguish. The fear of remembering what was lost, forgotten, and stolen.
The remembrance of how the first became last and forgotten.

Until then, like myself once did, we may hide behind and try to find a solace or a buffer in religion, men, children, careers, food etc.. anything that would attempt to ease the memories of death, destruction, power and creation.

But there is a light of reconciliation within the mother and her daughter. All progressions fulfills it’s Cycle; the pendulum swings, the wheel turns, the double Dutch ropes rounds about and When she is ready to fully embrace All of her being, May Her Crown of Glory reawakens All the Hearts of The Daughters to be fully embraced; for there is no exclusion in the arms of The Mother, in the Joy of the Maiden, and eyes of The Crone.

Dedicate this post to my late Great-Grandmothers Alice “Lottie” McAllister and Margaret Jessie May Johnson

Blessed Be 💙🙏🏽


The Times of Imbolc

What is Imbolc? In modern times, it’s honored by Wiccan and pagan celebration that has also been known as Candelmas. Imbolc symbolizes the halfway or midpoint, or bridge point between the Winter Solstice (Yule tide) and Spring Equinox (Ostara). In modern times, it is revered between January 31 – February 3. In the year 2022 it will fall on the astrological alignment of the Sun in sign Aquarius, a new Moon in Aquarius, and the Lunar Chinese New Year. 🐅

Imbolc is believed to have originated from Proto-Indo-European cultures, and is loosely translated to mean “to milk” and “to wipe clean”. As cultures and people traveled further into what we know as Europe, the practice and name of Imbolc was adopted by old Irish Celtic word meaning “pregnant” or “in the belly”. This was to reflect the pre-seasonal change of seedlings beginning to “stir” in Mother Earth to sprout or be birthed in the Spring. This holiday celebrated Brigid, the Celtic fire and fertility Goddess. Over the centuries, Brigid was adopted by Christianity as St. Brigid.

Black Woman and Imbolc

As “black” indigenous people of the African Diaspora, it is vital for our mental and spiritual liberation to reconnect with our spiritual natural order. Imbolc is a “religious” rite of honoring Black Womanhood by our ancient matriarchs and fathers. This was and is the sacred feast honoring the transitional stages of a girlhood or Maidenhood entering the enlightenment of womanhood, or motherhood. This holy feast day honored the transition and wisdom of each biological phase, spiritual responsibility, and divinity of the female human form.


The ancient Celtic practice of Imbolc celebrated Brigid, the Celtic maiden goddess in the form of the sun. Legend and myth stated that she would spread her green cloak across the land, releasing it from the icy grips of winter. Her feast day represents the midpoint of winter to spring., and honored with bonfires, blazing hearths, lit candles and foods that symbolize the the Sun.

This was a high time for magic, for ritually burning off and releasing the old year and nourishing the new.

We can honor this high holy day today by placing a woven or weaved cross on our doors. The weaving and the cross symbolizes the bridge between dark and light of our journey. You may light a candle and sit in silence to honor your personal life journey, every high and low that has led you to this point. You may even journal gratitude for your experiences and wisdom gained while sitting near a bonfire of fireplace.

To learn more about Brigid, Oracles, and Her-Story click here!


Sexuality & Pleasure are Tools of Enlightenment

Sexuality encompasses more than just sex. It is a positive expression of prana energy that connects us to our personal power, desires, drive, and creativity. Sexual energy is interlinked with the conceiving power of the universe  it brings forth life in all forms. All human life has incarnated through a sexual exchange. The power that birthed us also flows through us, so that we can create and cultivate our goals and manifestations in the world.  


For these last few centuries, sex has become a taboo topic, viewed by many as a shameful, sinful, dirty, and embarrassing act. These misconstructions have led us to detach from our sexuality and disconnect from our inner sacredness and divinity. 


We need to reconnect with our sexual energy opening, freely, and non-judgmentally. When we explore the depths of our bodies and release the trauma, emotional wounding, and cultural conditionings that reside internally, we will re-establish the free flow of life force energy within us. 


Sexual Transmutation


The vital sexual essence contains high concentrations of life force energy and when harnessed and transmuted, it produces immense healing for our physical health, mental capacity, and spiritual development.


Our sexual energy is always oscillating, but since most of us are detached from it, we inadvertently direct this force into negative outcomes. We must learn how to wield this potent energy consciously so that we can experience more zest and joy in all aspects of our life. 


Sexual energy is akin to creative energy  it fuels passion, imagination, and inspiration within us, and when cultivated and properly channeled, this motivating force can become our superpower. When we attune to this vital life force, we can direct the energy upwards throughout our energy centers and outwards into the universe through our creative purists, passion projects, and healthy sexual relationships. 


Establishing Boundaries 


Sex is a sacred energy exchange that connects us to the highest creative and healing power in the universe. When you master sexual energy with your partner through the compassionate, unconditional exchange of love, together you will unleash one of the most powerful forces out into the world. 


We must pay attention with whom we share this intimate and potent energy with. During sex, the aural energy between two people is entwined. Your partners thoughts, feelings, pleasures, and desires will leave an impression on your aura unless you establish proper energetic boundaries before and after this exchange. 


Setting up a boundary around your body and within your intimate relationships will protect you from absorbing the energy of your partner and everyone else your partner has had sex with prior to you. To establish an energetic boundary, visualize a white light shield surrounding your auric body, protecting you from all eternal energy. Reapply this white layer each time you are intimate with someone (especially with new or casual partners) to ensure continuous protection, strength, and purification. After sex, you must practice auric and spiritual cleansing techniques to avoid energetic debris from lingering in your personal field and space.


Black Her-Story: The Sybils

The Sibyls were lastly received as the oracles in Ancient Greece/Rome, however, their story predates these empires as they were all over the planet; from the Amazon, Asia Minor, Northern and Eastern Africa, and India were the Matriachals Mamas. These women were representatives of the Mama Universe and they were revered as Prophetess, Goddess, Priestess and the Daughters of Mami Wata (The Divine Cosmic Mother). These Daughters, sometimes referred as The Lulus were the mothers that seeded humanity and civilized them into tribes. The Patriarchal order have done well in attempting to erase or hide the truth, but the truth is hidden inside of the 0 blood type and it is out now.

According to Mama Zogbe, author of The Sybils: The First Prophetess’ of Mami Wata, the name “Sybil” is of mixed origin derived from the Ethiopian/Cushites as a title of sacred initiatory and term of endearment for Mami known as “Cybele”, (Cybella, Cybylle,Kybrle) loosely meaning Queen of Heaven; Mother of Gods.

In short, the Sybils, often referred by the Greeks as The Muses, were literally the “light of divine wisdom” and offered the world their gifts that specified in music, art, science, philosophy, law, astronomy, architecture, husbandry, and literature/language. The are even notated as the mother that seeded the diversity of humanity.

These ancient oracles were the priestesses and mystics that served their community by entering trance states as multidimensional mediums. They held many divine prophecies that would entail the cyclic fate of birth, maturation, death, and regeneration of societies and civilizations. These women guided the societal, economic, and political order of matriarchal societies. Because of their understanding of cycles, science, metaphysics and more, they were able to predict and outline the rise and fall of a patriarchal order. They understood the necessity for cycles of human destruction and rebuilding. They foretold of a sun/thunder god to eclipse the lunar goddesses (patriarchy usurping the matriarchy) where darkness will cover the face of the earth (rise of negative accumulation of karma) and the slaughter of the first Divine Calf and the rise of a new sun/thunder god from the depths to be acclaimed as “the holy one” to restore and liberate as a sacrifice .

This story or prophesy very well may have been about the changing of ages from Taurus to Pisces age, as it foretold of Annuki a fish deity would be sent to liberate and redirect the rebellion of the rising patriarchal order into its fall. And restore the reign of virtue and justice on earth. Some scholars claim that these Sybil prophecies were referring to either Buddha, Krishna, or Yeshua/Jesus Christ of myth and history.

Whatever the stories of these oracles, the Sybils were highly revered prior to their self foretold overthrowing. These women reignedfor centuries and ages in peace and harmony with nature and cosmic cycles. They spread their wisdom on all corners of the earth, from modern day Africa (ancient Kemet/Cush/Mizarim), India (Peloponnesus/Mesopotamia), Asia (Turkey/Ionia/Minoa), Europe (Mycenea/Delphi) and the Americas (Olmecs/Amazon). They were known all over the world as Queen Mothers, or titled as Queen Mother of Heaven. This time was known as The Golden Age.

Temples, altars, and shrines were erected in their honor all over the world. Many of these scared sites are of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. These sacred sites were maintained by the Sybils and a contingent of vestal “virgin” (not owned by a man) priestesses and eunuchs.

Persian Sibyl – was said to be a prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle, she is said to have foretold the exploits of Alexander the Great.

Libyan Sibyl – was prophetic priestess presiding over the ancient Zeus Amon oracle at the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. The oracle here was consulted by Alexander after his conquest of Egypt.

Delphic Sibyl – was a legendary figure who gave prophecies in the sacred precinct of Apolloo at Delphi. The Delphic Sibyl was not the same as the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo who was also known as the Oracle of Delphi.

Cimmerian Sibyl – The Cimmerian Sibyl, by name Carmentis, was the prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle at Cimmerium in Italy, near Lake Avernus (i.e. Cumae).

Erythraean Sibyl – was sited at Erythrae, a town in Ionia. She is said to have predicted the Trojan War and prophesised to the Greeks who were moving against Ilium both that Troy would be destroyed and that Homer would write falsehoods.

Samian Sibyl – The Samian Sibyl was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle near Hera’s temple on the Isle of Samos, a Greek colony.

Cumaean Sibyl – this was the sibyl that most concerned the Romans, located near the Greek city of Naples, whom Virgil’s Aeneas consults before this descent to the lower world. It was she who supposedly sold to Tarquinius Superbus, the last king of Rome, the original Sibylline books.

Hellespontine Sibyl – or the Trojan sibyl presided over the Apollonian oracle at Dardania. The sibylline collection at Gergis was attributed to the Hellespontine Sibyl and was preserved in the temple of Apollo at Gergis. Thence it passed to Erythrae, where it became famous.

Phrygian Sibyl – The Phrygian Sibyl appears to be a doublet of the Hellespontine Sibyl.

Tiburtine Sibyl – To the classical sibyls of the Greeks, the Romans added a tenth, the Tiburtine Sibyl, whose seat was the ancient Etruscan town of Tibur. An apocalyptic pseudo-prophecy exists, attributed to the Tiburtine Sibyl, written c. 380 CE, but with revisions and interpolations added at later dates. It purports to prophesy the advent of a final Emperor named Constans, vanquishing the foes of Christianity, bringing about a period of great wealth and peace, ending paganism and converting the Jews. After vanquishing Gog and Magog, the Emperor is said to resign his crown to God. This would give way to the Antichrist. Ippolito d’Este rebuilt the Villa d’Este at Tibur, the modern Tivoli, from 1550 onward, and commissioned elaborate fresco murals in the Villa that celebrate the Tiburtine Sibyl, as prophesying the birth of Christ to the classical world.

As Christianity gained in strength, the purpose of the Sibyls shifted. Many of them were withered martyred or went into hiding. It is believed that the Dogon Tribe and Pygmie Tribes, the oldest tribes of matriarch order, still old the truths and wisdom, along with prophesies of The Sybils. These mystic women origins and stories are growing in resonance as more women Strengthen their spiritual gifts and foresight.

To learn more about the Sybils:





Alchemy of Smudging with White Sage

White Sage smudging-the burning of sage- has become a staple in my spiritual practice. I was first introduced to the practice of smudging during a home and energy cleanse by my Yayi (traditional healer). I knew myself to be an empathetic or highly sensitive person, yet did not have the full understanding that I was attracting other people and my surrounding environment’s energy. Unbeknownst to me, I was holding on to other people’s negativity and toxicity and bringing them into my new home. There were times when I would feel sad, troubled, or down right negative and not know why until my Yayi suggested I start  energy cleanses. I am a Virgo South Node, so I am a natural skeptic of many things, however, I trusted my Yayi’s suggestion and decided to learn more about the practice and alleged benefits.

Despite being lauded and consistently practiced by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, smudging has been met by mixed reception within modern society. Native Americans, as well as diverse Asian cultures, believed (and continue to believe) that the smoke from sage and other herbs is capable of cleaning “negative energy,” whether it’s occupying a space or being carried by a person.

At first glance, this may sound like nothing more than a “woo-woo” concept, but it shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly. In this post I am sharing what I learned of smudging and how it has benefited me in my practice.

What are Ions

Ions are all around you right now and, whether you are aware of them or not, there is a good chance they are affecting the way you feel and quite possibly your health as well.

So what is an ion? An ion is a molecule that has lost or gained an electron through various atmospheric forces or environmental influences.

There are both positive and negative ions but, as we shall see, the definitions of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ are misleading in terms of their health effects.

A simple definition of a positive ion is an electrically charged atom, or group of atoms, formed by the loss of one or more electrons. The number of protons does not change but the reduction in electrons gives the atom a positive charge.

Positive ions in the air are usually carbon dioxide molecules that have been stripped of an electron. Also known as positively charged ions or cations, they have been demonstrated to have a negative effect on your body when you are exposed to them in excess.

This is particularly the case with your lungs and respiratory tract but your immune system can also be affected. This is because positive ions are so small they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream from the air you breathe.

What Are Negative Ions?

The definition of a negative ion is an electrically charged atom, or cluster of atoms, formed by gaining one or more electrons. The number of protons in the atom does not change but the extra electrons gives it a negative charge.

Negatively charged ions, also known scientifically as anions, are the opposite of positive ions and they have directly the opposite effect on your health, mood and energy levels when you are exposed to them.

Negative ions in the air have a strong negative charge. Due to this nature, they are statically attracted to airborne particles like dust, mold spores, pet dander and other floating pollutants and potential allergens.

By attaching to these pollutants and allergens they give them a negative charge and, rather than drifting in the air, they are grounded and fall to the floor or nearest surface.

Even bacteria and viruses circling in the air of your home can be cleared by negatively charged ions attaching to them and removing them from the air your breathe.

Medical and scientific researchers do not use terms like “negative energy”, however, they are confirming the cleansing properties of smudging. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology demonstrated that the smoke from burning sage -what the authors of the study call “medicinal smoke”- is able “to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.[1]

From a scientific perspective, medicinal smoke is believed to release negative ions which bind to positively ionized particles like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander and other allergens, dust, and other hazardous particulates.  I would like to add here that indigenous cultures attempt to explain this negative ion phenomena through non-physical explanations that appeals to spiritual mythologies. I love myths and story-telling that can be tied or expounded upon by the facts of science.

The Scientific and Alchemical Benefit of Smudging

Kills Bacteria and Germs. The same study quoted above discusses the remarkable ability of sage as a tool for clearing bacteria and other pathogens from the respiratory tract and skin as a pulmonary and dermatological antimicrobial agent. For this reason, I smudge as a way to clear pathogens from the air in my home and surroundings.

Natural antidepressant. The negative ions present in medicinal smoke has another fascinating benefit: it balances mood and dispels depression (as well or better than pharmaceutical antidepressants, according to some data).[2]

A research engineer named Dr. Clarence Hansell first stumbled upon the benefits of negative ions in the 1930s. The negative-ion-charged air that some of his equipment produced led to such a dramatic mood boost in his coworkers that he decided to investigate further. A study in 1976 demonstrated that negative ions can balance levels of serotonin, which we now know has at least an indirect effect on the maintenance of mood and energy levels. The study cited above followed in the 1990s, and now negative ion therapy is finally gaining traction as a treatment modality for depression.

Improved sleep and performance. Due to its ability to modulate serotonin, the negative air ions (NAI) in smudging smoke provide a range of other benefits, as well. In 2013, a team of Italian researchers sought to delve deeper into the positive effects of NAI. Their analysis confirmed that NAI treatment works on par with antidepressants for mood disorders, and also observed that negative ions balance sleep patterns, promote restfulness, and improve physical performance.[3]

How do you cleanse your house with white sage?


I prefer to cleanse my home weekly on Sundays, which is also the day associated to Archangel Michael. I begin the day by cleaning the interior of my home. Upon completing the physical cleaning and organization of my home, I welcome Archangel Micheal and his healing and protective energy into my home, as well as a sense of gratitude for all that I have and soon to gain. I then proceed to burn the sage leaves, giving thanks to the leaves for her healing properties, to me, this act of gratitude is received by the spirit of the white sage as she discharges its energy of clearing and protection in the air around me and onto the items I intend to clear or cleanse. 

As the smoke transfers through the area or over an item, the smoke joins itself to any thick, negative energy that is inside the object, space or being. When the smoke is cleared, the spirit of this plant transports the negative energy back to the spiritual light, and leaves my space or the items cleared.

Immediately after clearing, I welcome the energy or frequency of Love, Discernment, Abundance, Joy, and whatever high vibration energy  to fill the spaces that were cleared. For me, this is the alchemical process of transferring a negative into neutral to a positive.

P.S. White sage is wonderful, but it’s not the only option when it Spiritual Cleansing Sessionscomes to smudging and energetically clearing your home! Cedar, wild sage, palo santo-another staple of mine-, juniper, sandalwood, and others are wonderful choices to cleanse, purify and raise the vibration of your home, objects, or even yourself!

Or if you don’t enjoy the smoke from sage smudging… Essential Oils are a wonderful way to cleanse and uplift the energy of your home as well!




Menstrual Phases and it’s Mysticism

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that occurs in the female reproductive system and involves a series of hormonal changes that prepare the body for pregnancy. Here are the four phases of the menstrual cycle:

1. Menstrual phase: This phase marks the beginning of the menstrual cycle and lasts for 3-7 days. During this phase, the uterus sheds its lining, which is expelled from the body through the vagina as menstrual bleeding.

2. Follicular phase: This phase begins after the menstrual phase and lasts for 7-10 days. During this phase, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is released, which causes a follicle in the ovary to mature and prepare to release an egg.

3. Ovulatory phase: This phase lasts for 1-2 days and occurs when the matured follicle releases an egg, which travels through the fallopian tube toward the uterus. This is the most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy is most likely to occur if sexual intercourse takes place during this time.

4. Luteal phase: This phase begins after ovulation and lasts for about 14 days. During this phase, the ruptured follicle transforms into the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, the corpus luteum breaks down, and the menstrual cycle begins again.

There are many mystical and metaphysical elements associated with the menstrual cycle. In many cultures, the menstrual cycle is considered a sacred and powerful time for women, and it is often associated with concepts of fertility, creativity, and intuition. Some spiritual and mystical practices encourage women to tune into their menstrual cycle and use it as a tool for self-discovery, healing, and manifestation. For example, some women practice menstrual cycle awareness by tracking their cycle and connecting with their body’s natural rhythms. Others incorporate rituals, meditation, or energy work into their menstrual cycle practices to deepen their spiritual connection with their body and the divine feminine.

The Eclipse that Ends it All

The Scorpio lunar eclipse is a powerful event that can bring intense energy and transformation. Eclipses are known to be periods of change and new beginnings, and the Scorpio lunar eclipse is no exception.

In astrology, Scorpio is associated with deep emotions, transformation, and regeneration. When the full moon is in Scorpio during an eclipse, this can intensify these energies and bring them to the surface. This can be a time of releasing old patterns, beliefs, and emotions, and embracing a new phase in your life.

While lunar eclipses can be intense, they can also be positive. This is because they bring the opportunity for growth and change. By releasing what no longer serves you, you create space for new opportunities and experiences. You may also gain clarity and insight into what you truly want in life.

To work with the energy of the Scorpio lunar eclipse, here are some qualities you can tap into:

  1. Honesty and authenticity: Scorpio energy encourages you to be honest with yourself and others. Use this time to speak your truth and let go of any facades or masks you may be wearing.
  2. Inner reflection and self-awareness: Take time to reflect on your emotions and inner world. Use journaling, meditation, or therapy to gain insight into your patterns and beliefs.
  3. Transformation and renewal: Embrace change and transformation. Use this time to let go of old patterns and embrace a new phase in your life.
  4. Intuition and psychic abilities: Scorpio energy is associated with intuition and psychic abilities. Trust your gut instincts and pay attention to your dreams and inner guidance.
  5. Courage and strength: Scorpio energy can bring up intense emotions and challenges. Use your inner strength and courage to face these challenges and overcome them.

Remember, lunar eclipses can be a powerful time for growth and transformation. Embrace the energies of the Scorpio lunar eclipse, and use this time to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a new phase in your life.

The Heart Break Hotel: How to manage after a break up

Going through a breakup can be a difficult and painful experience, but there are several ways to manage it and make the process less overwhelming. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Allow yourself to grieve: It’s important to acknowledge your emotions and give yourself time to grieve the end of the relationship. Don’t try to suppress your feelings, as this can prolong the healing process. Instead, allow yourself to feel and process your emotions.
  2. Take care of yourself: Self-care is essential during this time. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and taking care of your mental health. You may also want to try activities that help you relax, such as meditation, yoga, or taking a hot bath.
  3. Seek support: Lean on your friends and family for emotional support. Talking to someone about how you feel can help you process your emotions and feel less alone. You may also want to consider seeking professional help, such as therapy or counseling.
  4. Cut off contact: It’s important to give yourself space from your ex-partner to help you heal. Avoid contacting them, unfollow them on social media, and remove any reminders of them from your daily life.
  5. Focus on the future: While it’s important to process your emotions, it’s also important to focus on the future. Set new goals for yourself, try new hobbies, or focus on your career. Doing things that make you feel good about yourself can help you move on from the breakup.

Remember, managing a breakup is a process, and it’s okay to take things one day at a time. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time and space you need to heal.

Ways to start a Feminine Spiritual Practice

Starting a feminine spiritual practice can be a deeply personal and enriching journey. Here are some steps that may help you begin:

  1. Educate yourself: It can be helpful to learn about different spiritual traditions that celebrate the feminine. Some examples include Wicca, Goddess worship, and Tantra. Read books, watch videos, and explore different online resources to get a better understanding of what these practices involve.
  2. Find a community: Connecting with like-minded individuals who share your spiritual interests can be a supportive way to start your practice. Look for local groups or online communities that focus on feminine spirituality.
  3. Explore your intuition: Feminine spirituality often emphasizes intuition, so taking time to listen to your inner voice can be a powerful way to deepen your practice. This might involve practices like meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature.
  4. Connect with the divine feminine: Different spiritual traditions have different ways of connecting with the divine feminine. You might choose to meditate on a particular goddess, create an altar to honor the divine feminine, or incorporate rituals into your daily life.
  5. Experiment with different practices: As you begin your journey, be open to exploring different practices and finding what works best for you. Remember that spirituality is a personal journey, and there is no one “right” way to practice.

Above all, approach your spiritual practice with an open heart and a willingness to learn and grow. Trust in your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Following the Feminine Spiritual Path

The feminine spiritual path is a term that refers to a spiritual practice that embraces the divine feminine, or the feminine aspect of the divine. It is a path that values intuition, emotional awareness, connection to the earth, and the interdependence of all living things. This path often emphasizes the importance of community, relationships, and the healing of the collective wounds of patriarchy.

The feminine spiritual path can enlighten you by helping you to cultivate a deeper sense of connection to yourself, to others, and to the world around you. Through practices such as meditation, ritual, and creative expression, you can learn to access the wisdom of your intuition, to connect with your emotions in a healthy and authentic way, and to find meaning and purpose in your life.

It is important for women to have a spiritual practice because it can help them to connect with their own power and agency, to heal from the wounds of patriarchy, and to cultivate a sense of wholeness and balance in their lives. Women have historically been excluded from many spiritual traditions, and the feminine spiritual path offers a way for women to reclaim their spiritual heritage and to find their own unique path of connection to the divine.

Additionally, a spiritual practice can help women to navigate the challenges and complexities of daily life, to find a sense of meaning and purpose in their work and relationships, and to connect with a larger sense of community and purpose. Ultimately, a spiritual practice can help women to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace, joy, and fulfillment, and to make a positive impact on the world around them.

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