The Times of Imbolc

What is Imbolc? In modern times, it’s honored by Wiccan and pagan celebration that has also been known as Candelmas. Imbolc symbolizes the halfway or midpoint, or bridge point between the Winter Solstice (Yule tide) and Spring Equinox (Ostara). In modern times, it is revered between January 31 – February 3. In the year 2022 it will fall on the astrological alignment of the Sun in sign Aquarius, a new Moon in Aquarius, and the Lunar Chinese New Year. 🐅

Imbolc is believed to have originated from Proto-Indo-European cultures, and is loosely translated to mean “to milk” and “to wipe clean”. As cultures and people traveled further into what we know as Europe, the practice and name of Imbolc was adopted by old Irish Celtic word meaning “pregnant” or “in the belly”. This was to reflect the pre-seasonal change of seedlings beginning to “stir” in Mother Earth to sprout or be birthed in the Spring. This holiday celebrated Brigid, the Celtic fire and fertility Goddess. Over the centuries, Brigid was adopted by Christianity as St. Brigid.

Black Woman and Imbolc

As “black” indigenous people of the African Diaspora, it is vital for our mental and spiritual liberation to reconnect with our spiritual natural order. Imbolc is a “religious” rite of honoring Black Womanhood by our ancient matriarchs and fathers. This was and is the sacred feast honoring the transitional stages of a girlhood or Maidenhood entering the enlightenment of womanhood, or motherhood. This holy feast day honored the transition and wisdom of each biological phase, spiritual responsibility, and divinity of the female human form.


The ancient Celtic practice of Imbolc celebrated Brigid, the Celtic maiden goddess in the form of the sun. Legend and myth stated that she would spread her green cloak across the land, releasing it from the icy grips of winter. Her feast day represents the midpoint of winter to spring., and honored with bonfires, blazing hearths, lit candles and foods that symbolize the the Sun.

This was a high time for magic, for ritually burning off and releasing the old year and nourishing the new.

We can honor this high holy day today by placing a woven or weaved cross on our doors. The weaving and the cross symbolizes the bridge between dark and light of our journey. You may light a candle and sit in silence to honor your personal life journey, every high and low that has led you to this point. You may even journal gratitude for your experiences and wisdom gained while sitting near a bonfire of fireplace.

To learn more about Brigid, Oracles, and Her-Story click here!


Restoring & Receiving The Sacred Masculine

As part of our spiritual path to find Union, we find balance and harmony in the Sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine principles. It is best to understand that these principles are found in every human being, regardless of gender.

Throughout spiritual traditions, the masculine principle has been represented, in Greek mythology to Christendom, as male deity or “God”. Which gives reverence to the divinity of masculine spiritual path. These figures represent divine masculine through the qualities they embody.

Also known as yang, shiva, or solar energy, the Divine Masculine is ruled by the elements of sun (fire) and sky (air).

As the sacred counterpart of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine is an active force that is responsible for order, structure, passion, willpower, and courage.

It is vital that we activate the sacred Masculine energies within in order to fully encompass our spiritual power and path. As we embrace the awakening of our Sacred Masculine, we hone and empower our confidence, become more grounded, activate our inner strength, and develop keen discernment.

Unfortunately, with the rule of patriarchy, masculine energy has been represented as brute force, aggression, anger, and over powering the weak. According to Moore & Gillette in their book, King Warrior Magician Lover, the describe patriarchy has the expression “of the immature masculine… expression of its shadow”. Patriarchy from their viewpoint is an attack of masculinity in its fullness as well as femininity in its fullness.

Remember, we all possess sacred feminine and sacred masculinity. The objective is to seek harmony and balance within. For example, leadership may be a masculine quality, however, we can find leadership in men or women regardless of gender.

To better integrate masculine energy in your life, incorporate the following practices:

  1. Acknowledge Your current relationship to the Masculine principles.
    • Start right where you are. What feelings or thoughts come up for you as it relates to masculinity? Journal your thoughts.
  2. Affirm your identity and expression
    • Write affirmations that express your masculine traits i.e I am Confident. I am self-disciplined. I am a warrior. Etc
  3. Work with Archetypes or Dieties
    • Whether you find solace with Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Horus. Select as connect a masculine archetype or deity that best represents your ideal masculine energy.
  4. Take More Inspired Action
    • Be willing to take inspired risks when the opportunity comes. When you believe in yourself and confident in the Divine having your back, you will take more leaps of faith.
  5. Stand up for yourself
    • Excessive feminine energy can make one too passive and agreeable. Standing in your masculine energy creates healthy boundaries for you and others. Boundaries are loving and protective, even if they may offend others. Know that you hurt yourself more when you do not stand on your boundaries.

Faith Is A Full Time Job

This week is full ahead in Sagittarius Season! We are all about living out our life purpose and Faith as a full time Job! This is a very important subject that I have been working through as well. And what I am learning as a student of life and the Divine is that we, more so I, have to STOP over complicating things and learn how to be more aligned with purposed living. Because the truth is success, life purpose, or whatever we are striving to achieve is quite simple and very seamless.

I can remember wasting so much time on trying to prove “I’m worthy” rather placing my faith in knowing my worthiness. Looking back I realized that I was insecure about feeling accepted and tried to overcompensate my self esteem by doing more than what’s required or even necessary for relationships and connection.

Bringing awareness to this pattern didn’t automatically stop, I had to actively intercept any reconfirming thoughts of that old pattern. That took a lot of work. At the time, My insecurities were my driving force, not my genuine desire for connection. That experience led me into more allowance and grace towards myself. And that’s where I discovered that faith is a sport that we must train and build up. And in order for me to believe, I had to be clear with my own intentions and how I was going to engage with it.

For me, and many others, faith was a struggle because I like to focus on hard facts and evidence. So much so, that if I did not see the tangibles, it was very difficult for me to trust in it or believe in myself to achieve it. In some ways that mindset served me well, however, it was also a stumbling block for living a more ease and stress reducing life. I constantly doubted myself and felt I needed to show up as the ideal rather than my authentic self expression. I was managing myself to be what my thought processes believed be and it was draining the life force out of me.

So how did I train to develop stronger faith? It started with me taking audit of my daily thought patterns. I use to suffer from terrible anxiety attacks, and what I found was many of the thoughts that triggered anxiety were not necessarily my own authentic thoughts. These were from other people or programs I picked up over the years that I had internalized as my own. It took me some time but everyday I would take notice of any thoughts that would trigger me emotionally and/or physically and was not in alignment with my desires outcome.

That simple mindset change led me to focus more on the feeling of what I was striving to accomplish rather than the monkey mind chaos of fear, doubt, and worry. It was a commitment to have a different experience with life. They say to have something you never had, you must do something you never done. And taking audit and account of my thoughts was what I never done before and it has warranted me some of my greatest lessons and experiences! 

What is one step that you are going to take to build faith in your life? What areas of your life needs more awareness and compassion? I would love to hear from you in the comments section!



Neptune in ♓️ Pisces: Unleash Your Spiritual Gifts

On December 1st, Neptune will go back direct in its ruling sign Pisces and I am quite excited about this transit. Neptune is currently transiting my 6th House and I’ve been welcoming this energetic upgrade to my current spiritual practice and experience. The archetypal energy of the Priestess has been amplified in my life this year, and Neptune in Pisces is really revving this energy in my life to take ownership of it.

Natally, Neptune is in my first house, so I am quite familiar with her dreamy and whimsical, slightly deceptive style. Honestly, I don’t care to place deceptive as an identity for Neptune, as from my experience with Neptune, deception comes in when we refuse to see what is in front of us with what we want to believe. I necessarily don’t blame Neptune or Piscean energy for that, that’s more so a self perception than an outer influence 🤷🏽‍♀️

But back to this transit and how I have been embodying her. Again, she is transiting my 6th house which is highlighting my routines, thoughts, and habits in not just my physical health, but also my mental and emotional health. While I find myself to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I did find areas where I could improve for a more optimal experience.

Where ever she is transiting in your chart, you may begin to feel a deeper call to your spiritual enlightenment, imagination, empathy, and intuitive gifts. This is a great time to soul search and set ahead on where your inner world is calling.

Learn more about this transit here

To be a Virgin

I discussed much about the Virgin or Virgo constellation being a symbol for the Great Mother and Priestess archetype.

Additionally, there is a more in-depth understanding of this archetype. To be The Priestess is to be a Virgin. Let’s look deeper into this word Virgin.

In our modern times, we understand “Virgin” to mean a person, particularly a female, who has not experienced any sexual activity. It also denotes to one’s purity and sexual chastity.

This version of the word is exasperated by the rise of Christianity and the spreading of its folklore myth of the Virgin Mary’s birth of a child. She was portrayed as a woman who never had sex, yet birthed a child.

Barbara G. Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets, suggests that Mary was a young, unmarried woman, and that’s what made her a “virgin.” But Christian translators have promotes otherwise.

The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, claims that in the name of chastity, the Christian Church didn’t want a sexually independent woman to be worshipped. So for her to be seen as favorable to “God,” her womb had to be “pure” and untouched.

However, the term Virgin was used in antiquity to denote a woman’s spiritual practice and status among society. To be a Virgin is to be sovereign. The term was usurped by patriarchy as a slur to demean and demote the spiritual authority and societal role that women had in the community.

By reclaiming the origins of this word unlocks long awaited mysteries of our past. In taking ownership of reclaiming virginity, we find Strength in truth and freedom in our liberation. Virginity is something that we may not give away, now that we understand the link it carries with our past

Power of Prayer: Divine Protection

We learned about The Power of Prayer and why it is important to cultivate it in our spiritual practice. If you missed the first post, you can read it here.

In this video I share the perspective that we co-collaborate with the Universe in all areas of our life, and protection is one of them. However, protection is not just physical or spiritual protection, in fact we want to ensure that we include a practice that protects our mental and emotional health, our financial and resources, cyber security, and so much more.

The Power of Prayer

The importance of prayer in a spiritual journey is pivotal. However, we are viewing prayer beyond the scope of religiosity, and more so as a means to commune with our Higher Self/Divine/Universe/God. In this series, I expound on the Law of Prayer in continuum with the 7 Universal Laws that we may be familiar with by the Kybalion. To learn more about the Universal Laws Read my Blog here.

In this video I share insights of how we can “throw the baby out with the bath water” when it pertains to any system or construct that feels inhibiting. Particularly with me, when I left the Christian religion, I threw away anything that felt remotely religious or Christian. However, through spiritual growth and maturity, I have reconciled and found a full circle moment to re-embrace the spiritual concept of prayer and how to apply it as a Universal Law rather than as religious dogma. In this video I share the Universal law of Prayer, the concept of Word Magic and Affirmations and more metaphysical gems as it pertains to the application of prayer in the spiritual journey.

The Emergence Retreat 2022-Awakening the Sacred Art of Feminine Spirituality through Archetypes

I am so honored to announce that we will be hosting our First in-person Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 14-17, 2022.

This retreat was adapted from the online feminine mystery school founded by Tahiry Devine in 2020. The Emergence Retreat will journey into 3 Sacred Archetypes of the Divine Feminine Spiritual Path to liberate our purpose and awakened feminine energy. We intend to cultivate practical alignment and attune with our expansive feminine power.

This retreat gives us the opportunity to gather with women in the sacred intention for a safe space for our self-reflection, rest that is free of judgement to encourage sisterhood and to share wisdom insights and our experiences with each other. We shall commune under the Full Moon in Libra over food, drinks, and magic as such did our ancient mothers and sisters.

Click Here To learn more about how to attend The Emergence Retreat 2022

The Emergence Temple was established in 2020 as an online feminine mystery school and temple for cultivation of sacred community and feminine leadership. Pupils of this online temple commune and channel Feminine Wisdom and garner application for spiritual practices of Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery, and Transformational Living through archetypal expression.

The Emergence Temple was founded by Tahiry Devine, an intuitive, world traveler, feminine centric spiritual practitioner, story teller, teacher, writer and life strategist.

Blaze Forth Little Warrior

Artist unknown

We are in the midst of a Full Moon in Aries and if you are feeling fiery and fierce, then embrace all of the feels! No matter where this moon is falling in your personal chart we are definitely call to set the path of blazed. There is a change of the tide in this life cycle that urges us to call out to the universe our desires, dreams, hopes and aspirations. This is your divine birthright! You have the power to speak life to your existence! 

This moon’s message is about letting go of the egoistic  expression of believing that you cannot call down whatever you want. With the Sun in Libra and Mercury in Libra now direct, as air signs, we are reminded that there is power in your words to command forth what it is you desire to experience. This power move is amplified with Pluto in Capricorn direct and Jupiter in Aquarius coming direct as well, we will see and feel the intensity of our words and thoughts. This is the best time to purge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that we can have a clean slate to receive our new realities. 

Depending where these transiting planets are in your natal houses, may determine where you are being called to blaze a trail. Opportunities are on all directions and are afforded to you right now. You just need to call out to it. Welcome and embrace this energy boost and your frequency of words. Be mindful on what you speak during these next few weeks, as you will see direct shift in your experiences. You have the power and control over your life. 

The Aries full moon is here to remind us that we are beyond any limitations that we thought were true. This is your breakout season; “I’m coming out and want the world to know”! Remove the layers of fear or doubt so that you can fully embrace the gift that life has for you. Call it into form, unbridled, untamed and wild so that you may free your mind and the rest will follow.

I am my highest and lowest self and
I walk in for harmony of my being.
when I am centered, every move I make is amplified
I take the lead in my manifestations.