Autumn Equinox Prayer

My intention for this season is distinct clarity for how I move in alignment with my bliss and purpose. My inner world is colorful and I welcome myself to be my own muse and birth forth my desires to reveal in my outer world.

My creativity is where my passions lie and where my abundance experience reside. This Season is to recalibrate my spiritual senses through mind, body and soul practices. Working exclusively with the elements within my being. Clearing out any stagnant energy.

This season I attune my eyes to see clearly where and who are my support team. I am grateful and Thankful for my many options. Ase!


The In Her Garden Virtual Workshop

Awaken to the Unique and Beautiful, Sensual Goddess that you are!

…unite your sexuality and spirituality

Are you wanting to discover the beauty and power of your female sexuality and discover the true essence of womanly empowerment?

Then I invite you to join myself and The Nefertiti Project at the In Her Garden Virtual Workshop.

There is so much misinformation and so many myths about female sexuality that it can be pretty confusing. Are we supposed to be good girls or bad girls, madonnas or whores, porn stars or prudes? How can you be authentically your natural gorgeous sexual self? What does that even mean?

Gather together in Sisterhood to Awaken our Juicy Aliveness, Magnetic Presence, Self-Love, Energetic Radiance, Sensual Pleasure, Orgasmic Mastery and Divine Consciousness!

In this transformational Goddess Workshop we will:

♥ Utilize breathing techniques to clear blockages, harmonize your chakras, awaken blissful energy and expand your personal power

♥ Strengthen the connection between your heart and your Yoni (sacred place)

♥ Melt away emotional barriers preventing you from pleasure, intimacy, abundance, clarity and harmonious relationships

♥ Explore Kundalini: what it is, how to raise it, how it contributes to whole body Orgasms, chakra harmonizing, personal transformation and Spirituality

♥ Dispel cultural myths and societal conditioning around libido, attraction, romantic relationships, gender roles, youth, beauty and body image

♥ Discover juicy secrets about the boundless treasures in your G (Goddess) Spot, your Cervix and your entire Yoniverse

♥ Understand the process of sexual healing and let go of shame, blame and guilt, opening to infinite possibilities of sensual embodiment

♥ Awaken the magic of your sensuality, eroticism, self love and Divine pleasure

♥ Learn to unapologetically Love the Body you’re in, express your magnificent radiance and sensuality

♥ Learn the fine art of exotic dance for your own pleasure and erotic empowerment

♥ Be witnessed and supported in owning your passionate presence and shameless expression

♥ Dance to unleash your wild woman feminine birthright

♥ Experience ancient rituals that create a sacred container to gather wisdom and remember our true nature

Plus so much more! Claim your spot NOW for there are LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE!

Don’t miss out on this ONE NIGHT ONLY event to discover the power of your female sexuality!

Early Bird Registration Here

Mother Maya & The Crate Challenge

This Crate Challenge has taken the internet by storm! The interesting parallels of this challenge is that the videos that are the most viral are the ones of the people who “failed” the challenge. What is being messaged here? And where did all these crates come from?!? 😭😂

It’s not odd that as we are in Virgo season, time of purification and discernment, that this was brought to our news feeds. I want to share this photo to help us better discern what is being shown here and why is it that only the “fails” are going viral. On a surface level, we can argue that we humans find slapstick humor entertaining. However, If you’re a student of the occult, hidden knowledge, then you know nothing is what it seems to appear. I’ll ask you to examine these two photos and come to your own conclusion as to what is being said.

Courtesy of Doloew Da Pilotman

If failing/falling is viral during a virus pandemic, then who/what is failing and who/what is rising, if at all? 🤔
Please let me know what you think or are intuiting!


Tahiry 💋

She a Fool’s Gold Digger

Raw Crystals and Gems 💎

It’s been almost a week since Self Realization of a Goddess Retreat and I’m still riding on my Goddess cloud high. It’s becoming a way of life at this point!

I am excited to share with you another realization that came for me during my trip. I have been aware for some time that I can be prone to anxiety. As I have learned more, and still learning, about the mind-body connection, I’ve been making a conscientious effort to keep my nerves anxiety free by creating a beautiful and peaceful living and work environment. So this retreat was a much needed break-away for a breakthrough.

The day after we went zip lining, we set our sights to crystal digging. Thinking that we will be submerged in dirt, I found my best worst clothes to get dirty in. When we arrived, we realized that we would not be going inside a cave, rather we would be given pails full of dirt where we would have to sift through it to find the crystals and gemstones. Slightly disappointed that I would not be knee deep in dirt, with a helmet, like the eighth dwarf of Snow White’s crew, I grabbed a pail and began sifting.

Surprisingly, the experience was quite soothing and relaxing as we scooped the dirt from the pail, and sieved for crystals in the running water. I found amethysts, rose quarts, emeralds, tourmaline, quartz, fools gold, and a rare geode. What realization that came to me in this experience was me digging myself out of a grave to rescue my hidden gems. Each gem spoke to me and told the story of how taking charge and owning my authority will free me.

These gems were in their raw and unfiltered form and reminded me that I am valuable even in my rawest form when I show up firmly rooted and grounded in myself. In my self reflection, I discovered that in honoring my sensitivity along with my inner authority, I didn’t have to sacrifice sensitivity with forcefulness to be authoritative. Each gem owned itself, it took up its space unapologetically, without competition.

This too was my experience with each Goddess that attended on the retreat. We all took up space, with out stepping on each other’s boundaries, or competing with each other. The entire experience was in the honoring of ourself and each other; and this made the journey receptive, fun, and harmonious.

I felt a purification with each gem that I gathered. I released judgment that I wasn’t polished or as refined as I believed I “needed” to be. I was fully and completely accepting of myself. I felt revived in the areas of my life that felt docile or dead in; I found an opportunity to restore life in those areas and revive those parts of me. The Messiah in Me called out the Lazarus in Me to Come Forth. This was where I once placed value on others’ perspectives and beliefs of me, particularly in people who didn’t care for me, could no longer abide in my re-emergence. The rules and restrictions that I once felt obligated to live out fell off of me in those moments by moments of realization while digging and sieving.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”- Jim Morrison

Let me see you Walk…

In releasing judgement, I am more receptive to welcoming people in my life who will not “punish” me for being true to myself. The spiritual warrior within arose and I allow her to lead the way to help identify, dismantle and destroy all habits and beliefs that no longer serve a positive purpose in my life and world. I’m in compete and total trust that I have attracted a tribe, and enjoying every step of the unfolding.

In this unfolding I have learned when I stand in my authentic and truthful self, I carry my weigh in gold, rubies, and emeralds. The more I stand in my most truthful, assertive, compassionate, and unadulterated self, the more loving and healthy my experiences become.

How do you choose to show up and take up space? Where within are you needing to revive at what once seemed dead? Lastly, how did you learn to allow your truth and authentic self be asserted? I look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo 😘

Left a Queen and Returned a Goddess

Self Realization of a Goddess Retreat 2021

Last week I set my sights on escaping my current reality and retreating in the mountains of Georgia with a group of women that I have never met but was in a 13-week course by Rev. Kimesha of BlaqFire Nation, Self Realization of a Goddess.

I didn’t think I was going to make this retreat, because I was sick earlier in the week, my daughter was coming off the tail end of being sick, and like clockwork, a close family member attempted to pick a fight with me the day before I was set to leave- this seems to be a negative pattern that I experience with this person, but more on that later. There was so much energetic pushback, that I knew there was something that needed to be released; so I prevailed and went anyway.

I am so glad that I did! Although this was my first time meeting Kimesha, BlaqFire and the other women; I didn’t know what to expect, but I did remain open to what God/dess wanted for me to receive. The whole trip was the most relaxing, fun, and insightful experience that I had in a long time, with complete strangers! We came in as strangers and left as Sisters of a secret order LOL!

What came up for me was unveiling the root of this toxic pattern in my relationship with my family. I had developed an inability to trust myself and be free in my expression; not because I didn’t like myself, but because I learned to minimize myself so that I could “feel safe” to be around people who didn’t care for me or about me. That was such a freeing realization. And unbeknownst to me, I freed myself from that pattern when I stood my ground on a boundary that was important for my safety and emotional/mental well-being.

The following day we went to a zip lining course. I have never zip lined before and frankly I don’t care for heights. Our guides were Jacob and Gabe. Jacob means to circumvent, supplant, and assail. Gabe means God’s able bodied one or Hero of God. I was terrified and almost backed out of going on the zip line cord. Kimesha reminded us that we are here to choose faith over fear, and completing this ritual, zip lining, would represent that. Understanding symbolism, I took the leap and went forward. It was NOT fun at all, but I did accomplish conquering or supplanting Fear with Faith and became the Hero that God called me to be for me! I showed up! I was peer pressured after all 😂- just kidding…

Me regretting my life choices…lol

Prior to this trip, I did stand up for myself: I showed up for myself when I left my corporate job, I stood up for myself when I stood my ground against a sexual predator, and when I did not cave in to the emotional/mental abuse that a family member tried to place on me the day before my trip. All my experiences was ritualized in the simple act of completing a 7-course zip line. I proved to myself that I am worthy of devotion, commitment, and loyalty. I revealed to myself that I am an able body of God that deserved to be cared for and loved on, without pretense.

As my Goddess sister Marla’s coworker exclaimed before she came to the retreat, she will leave a Queen and return as a Goddess! That was what this retreat ritualized for me, an entering and enabling of my own Goddess-ship and the gaining of sisters. I supplanted fear with belief and faith and rose up abled to be my Own Hero. There is so much more I will be sharing about my trip… so far this was just Day One! Stay tuned for more realization!



Sexuality & Pleasure are Tools of Enlightenment

Sexuality encompasses more than just sex. It is a positive expression of prana energy that connects us to our personal power, desires, drive, and creativity. Sexual energy is interlinked with the conceiving power of the universe  it brings forth life in all forms. All human life has incarnated through a sexual exchange. The power that birthed us also flows through us, so that we can create and cultivate our goals and manifestations in the world.  


For these last few centuries, sex has become a taboo topic, viewed by many as a shameful, sinful, dirty, and embarrassing act. These misconstructions have led us to detach from our sexuality and disconnect from our inner sacredness and divinity. 


We need to reconnect with our sexual energy opening, freely, and non-judgmentally. When we explore the depths of our bodies and release the trauma, emotional wounding, and cultural conditionings that reside internally, we will re-establish the free flow of life force energy within us. 


Sexual Transmutation


The vital sexual essence contains high concentrations of life force energy and when harnessed and transmuted, it produces immense healing for our physical health, mental capacity, and spiritual development.


Our sexual energy is always oscillating, but since most of us are detached from it, we inadvertently direct this force into negative outcomes. We must learn how to wield this potent energy consciously so that we can experience more zest and joy in all aspects of our life. 


Sexual energy is akin to creative energy  it fuels passion, imagination, and inspiration within us, and when cultivated and properly channeled, this motivating force can become our superpower. When we attune to this vital life force, we can direct the energy upwards throughout our energy centers and outwards into the universe through our creative purists, passion projects, and healthy sexual relationships. 


Establishing Boundaries 


Sex is a sacred energy exchange that connects us to the highest creative and healing power in the universe. When you master sexual energy with your partner through the compassionate, unconditional exchange of love, together you will unleash one of the most powerful forces out into the world. 


We must pay attention with whom we share this intimate and potent energy with. During sex, the aural energy between two people is entwined. Your partners thoughts, feelings, pleasures, and desires will leave an impression on your aura unless you establish proper energetic boundaries before and after this exchange. 


Setting up a boundary around your body and within your intimate relationships will protect you from absorbing the energy of your partner and everyone else your partner has had sex with prior to you. To establish an energetic boundary, visualize a white light shield surrounding your auric body, protecting you from all eternal energy. Reapply this white layer each time you are intimate with someone (especially with new or casual partners) to ensure continuous protection, strength, and purification. After sex, you must practice auric and spiritual cleansing techniques to avoid energetic debris from lingering in your personal field and space.

Black Her-Story: The Sybils

The Sibyls were lastly received as the oracles in Ancient Greece/Rome, however, their story predates these empires as they were all over the planet; from the Amazon, Asia Minor, Northern and Eastern Africa, and India were the Matriachals Mamas. These women were representatives of the Mama Universe and they were revered as Prophetess, Goddess, Priestess and the Daughters of Mami Wata (The Divine Cosmic Mother). These Daughters, sometimes referred as The Lulus were the mothers that seeded humanity and civilized them into tribes. The Patriarchal order have done well in attempting to erase or hide the truth, but the truth is hidden inside of the 0 blood type and it is out now.

According to Mama Zogbe, author of The Sybils: The First Prophetess’ of Mami Wata, the name “Sybil” is of mixed origin derived from the Ethiopian/Cushites as a title of sacred initiatory and term of endearment for Mami known as “Cybele”, (Cybella, Cybylle,Kybrle) loosely meaning Queen of Heaven; Mother of Gods.

In short, the Sybils, often referred by the Greeks as The Muses, were literally the “light of divine wisdom” and offered the world their gifts that specified in music, art, science, philosophy, law, astronomy, architecture, husbandry, and literature/language. The are even notated as the mother that seeded the diversity of humanity.

These ancient oracles were the priestesses and mystics that served their community by entering trance states as multidimensional mediums. They held many divine prophecies that would entail the cyclic fate of birth, maturation, death, and regeneration of societies and civilizations. These women guided the societal, economic, and political order of matriarchal societies. Because of their understanding of cycles, science, metaphysics and more, they were able to predict and outline the rise and fall of a patriarchal order. They understood the necessity for cycles of human destruction and rebuilding. They foretold of a sun/thunder god to eclipse the lunar goddesses (patriarchy usurping the matriarchy) where darkness will cover the face of the earth (rise of negative accumulation of karma) and the slaughter of the first Divine Calf and the rise of a new sun/thunder god from the depths to be acclaimed as “the holy one” to restore and liberate as a sacrifice .

This story or prophesy very well may have been about the changing of ages from Taurus to Pisces age, as it foretold of Annuki a fish deity would be sent to liberate and redirect the rebellion of the rising patriarchal order into its fall. And restore the reign of virtue and justice on earth. Some scholars claim that these Sybil prophecies were referring to either Buddha, Krishna, or Yeshua/Jesus Christ of myth and history.

Whatever the stories of these oracles, the Sybils were highly revered prior to their self foretold overthrowing. These women reignedfor centuries and ages in peace and harmony with nature and cosmic cycles. They spread their wisdom on all corners of the earth, from modern day Africa (ancient Kemet/Cush/Mizarim), India (Peloponnesus/Mesopotamia), Asia (Turkey/Ionia/Minoa), Europe (Mycenea/Delphi) and the Americas (Olmecs/Amazon). They were known all over the world as Queen Mothers, or titled as Queen Mother of Heaven. This time was known as The Golden Age.

Temples, altars, and shrines were erected in their honor all over the world. Many of these scared sites are of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. These sacred sites were maintained by the Sybils and a contingent of vestal “virgin” (not owned by a man) priestesses and eunuchs.

Persian Sibyl – was said to be a prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle, she is said to have foretold the exploits of Alexander the Great.

Libyan Sibyl – was prophetic priestess presiding over the ancient Zeus Amon oracle at the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. The oracle here was consulted by Alexander after his conquest of Egypt.

Delphic Sibyl – was a legendary figure who gave prophecies in the sacred precinct of Apolloo at Delphi. The Delphic Sibyl was not the same as the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo who was also known as the Oracle of Delphi.

Cimmerian Sibyl – The Cimmerian Sibyl, by name Carmentis, was the prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle at Cimmerium in Italy, near Lake Avernus (i.e. Cumae).

Erythraean Sibyl – was sited at Erythrae, a town in Ionia. She is said to have predicted the Trojan War and prophesised to the Greeks who were moving against Ilium both that Troy would be destroyed and that Homer would write falsehoods.

Samian Sibyl – The Samian Sibyl was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle near Hera’s temple on the Isle of Samos, a Greek colony.

Cumaean Sibyl – this was the sibyl that most concerned the Romans, located near the Greek city of Naples, whom Virgil’s Aeneas consults before this descent to the lower world. It was she who supposedly sold to Tarquinius Superbus, the last king of Rome, the original Sibylline books.

Hellespontine Sibyl – or the Trojan sibyl presided over the Apollonian oracle at Dardania. The sibylline collection at Gergis was attributed to the Hellespontine Sibyl and was preserved in the temple of Apollo at Gergis. Thence it passed to Erythrae, where it became famous.

Phrygian Sibyl – The Phrygian Sibyl appears to be a doublet of the Hellespontine Sibyl.

Tiburtine Sibyl – To the classical sibyls of the Greeks, the Romans added a tenth, the Tiburtine Sibyl, whose seat was the ancient Etruscan town of Tibur. An apocalyptic pseudo-prophecy exists, attributed to the Tiburtine Sibyl, written c. 380 CE, but with revisions and interpolations added at later dates. It purports to prophesy the advent of a final Emperor named Constans, vanquishing the foes of Christianity, bringing about a period of great wealth and peace, ending paganism and converting the Jews. After vanquishing Gog and Magog, the Emperor is said to resign his crown to God. This would give way to the Antichrist. Ippolito d’Este rebuilt the Villa d’Este at Tibur, the modern Tivoli, from 1550 onward, and commissioned elaborate fresco murals in the Villa that celebrate the Tiburtine Sibyl, as prophesying the birth of Christ to the classical world.

As Christianity gained in strength, the purpose of the Sibyls shifted. Many of them were withered martyred or went into hiding. It is believed that the Dogon Tribe and Pygmie Tribes, the oldest tribes of matriarch order, still old the truths and wisdom, along with prophesies of The Sybils. These mystic women origins and stories are growing in resonance as more women Strengthen their spiritual gifts and foresight.

To learn more about the Sybils:

Black Her Story Month: Goddess Brigid

February 1st is the Start of Black History and what a wonderful way to commemorate by Honoring The Goddess Brigid on her Feast Day of Imoblc. 

February 1st is the Irish tradition in both religious and mythological remembrance of Goddess Brigid by the pagans and St. Brigid by religious tradition. This Feast day is known as Imbolc which is in honor of Brigid, the Goddess of Muur Celts, who was later to be bestowed as a Saint by the Catholic Church. She is attributed as the elevated or exalted one. She in her ancient representation is that of a Black Woman or Moorish Celtic  

In mythological texts, Goddess Brigid is the keeper of the eternal flame, which represents the essence of an inner dawn. She is the halfway of light and darkness. This is why her feast day is half way between winter and spring solstices. 

It is said in ancient texts that at the moment between dusk and daybreak, Brigid arose into the sky with flames like rays of the sun blazing in her hair.

In Ireland, you can find a shrine near Kildare that is sacred to the druids for it is believed to have been the a place where Brigid’s priestesses tended to her eternal flame. The Priestesses were taught the healing properties of ancient practices that associate to Brigid. She is the keeper of all things sacred, elevated wisdom, and higher states of consciousness. 

In 480 CE, Saint Brigid, who is believed to be the human incarnate of the Goddess, built a monastery in honor of her and consecrated it as a center of women’s religious learning and spiritual instruction to elevated consciousness. Saint Brigid is credited with organizing communal religious rites for women and later revered for founding the development of religious learning into a cathedral city. 

Her message, whether as the Goddess or Saint, is to remind us to reconnect to our inner fire where our soul yearns to sprout forth. She reminds us to create sacred space within our home and bodies that allows full soul presence. 

Brigid reminds us that there are always bridges between darkness and light; and that we are never alone in our journey of soul maturation. With each dark time comes dawn, reminding us that our light never leaves us and with each new day is bound to be brighter and fuller because we traveled through.

Faith in the Fire: New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️

Final New Moon in Sagittarius Eclipse

We are in the final New Moon of 2020 and ending it in Sagittarius. Well…Actually beginning it 💫

The journey of the Phoenix bird is to rise from the Ashes into a Glorious Flaming New Being flying higher from its old state. Never to go back for there are new terrains to explore and new experiences to behold. Many of you are the New Leaders, Teachers, Healers, Counselors etc of the New Age! As Rebels, Warriors, Gods, Goddesses, and Priestesses, Priests, knowing who and what fans your inner flame is a part of the journey of Soul Alchemy and Self Discovery!

This is not the time to back down because the temperature is getting hotter to burn, purify, and refine you. All lessons come with Blessings…ie. Grand Conjunct of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, 2020!

2020 presented many parts of our self, relationships, and of society that are to be left in the ashes. There is no going back even if we desire to. We are called to go higher, to live and move on from the former, and to step into a higher sense of purpose and knowing. This is the Transformation that so many of us yearned deeply for in our soul. May this energy be a guide to you to embody your soul’s calling!

Burn Bright my friends 🔥

Xoxo, Tahiry Devine