Black Her-Story: The Sybils

The Sibyls were lastly received as the oracles in Ancient Greece/Rome, however, their story predates these empires as they were all over the planet; from the Amazon, Asia Minor, Northern and Eastern Africa, and India were the Matriachals Mamas. These women were representatives of the Mama Universe and they were revered as Prophetess, Goddess, Priestess and the Daughters of Mami Wata (The Divine Cosmic Mother). These Daughters, sometimes referred as The Lulus were the mothers that seeded humanity and civilized them into tribes. The Patriarchal order have done well in attempting to erase or hide the truth, but the truth is hidden inside of the 0 blood type and it is out now.

According to Mama Zogbe, author of The Sybils: The First Prophetess’ of Mami Wata, the name “Sybil” is of mixed origin derived from the Ethiopian/Cushites as a title of sacred initiatory and term of endearment for Mami known as “Cybele”, (Cybella, Cybylle,Kybrle) loosely meaning Queen of Heaven; Mother of Gods.

In short, the Sybils, often referred by the Greeks as The Muses, were literally the “light of divine wisdom” and offered the world their gifts that specified in music, art, science, philosophy, law, astronomy, architecture, husbandry, and literature/language. The are even notated as the mother that seeded the diversity of humanity.

These ancient oracles were the priestesses and mystics that served their community by entering trance states as multidimensional mediums. They held many divine prophecies that would entail the cyclic fate of birth, maturation, death, and regeneration of societies and civilizations. These women guided the societal, economic, and political order of matriarchal societies. Because of their understanding of cycles, science, metaphysics and more, they were able to predict and outline the rise and fall of a patriarchal order. They understood the necessity for cycles of human destruction and rebuilding. They foretold of a sun/thunder god to eclipse the lunar goddesses (patriarchy usurping the matriarchy) where darkness will cover the face of the earth (rise of negative accumulation of karma) and the slaughter of the first Divine Calf and the rise of a new sun/thunder god from the depths to be acclaimed as “the holy one” to restore and liberate as a sacrifice .

This story or prophesy very well may have been about the changing of ages from Taurus to Pisces age, as it foretold of Annuki a fish deity would be sent to liberate and redirect the rebellion of the rising patriarchal order into its fall. And restore the reign of virtue and justice on earth. Some scholars claim that these Sybil prophecies were referring to either Buddha, Krishna, or Yeshua/Jesus Christ of myth and history.

Whatever the stories of these oracles, the Sybils were highly revered prior to their self foretold overthrowing. These women reignedfor centuries and ages in peace and harmony with nature and cosmic cycles. They spread their wisdom on all corners of the earth, from modern day Africa (ancient Kemet/Cush/Mizarim), India (Peloponnesus/Mesopotamia), Asia (Turkey/Ionia/Minoa), Europe (Mycenea/Delphi) and the Americas (Olmecs/Amazon). They were known all over the world as Queen Mothers, or titled as Queen Mother of Heaven. This time was known as The Golden Age.

Temples, altars, and shrines were erected in their honor all over the world. Many of these scared sites are of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. These sacred sites were maintained by the Sybils and a contingent of vestal “virgin” (not owned by a man) priestesses and eunuchs.

Persian Sibyl – was said to be a prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle, she is said to have foretold the exploits of Alexander the Great.

Libyan Sibyl – was prophetic priestess presiding over the ancient Zeus Amon oracle at the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. The oracle here was consulted by Alexander after his conquest of Egypt.

Delphic Sibyl – was a legendary figure who gave prophecies in the sacred precinct of Apolloo at Delphi. The Delphic Sibyl was not the same as the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo who was also known as the Oracle of Delphi.

Cimmerian Sibyl – The Cimmerian Sibyl, by name Carmentis, was the prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian Oracle at Cimmerium in Italy, near Lake Avernus (i.e. Cumae).

Erythraean Sibyl – was sited at Erythrae, a town in Ionia. She is said to have predicted the Trojan War and prophesised to the Greeks who were moving against Ilium both that Troy would be destroyed and that Homer would write falsehoods.

Samian Sibyl – The Samian Sibyl was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle near Hera’s temple on the Isle of Samos, a Greek colony.

Cumaean Sibyl – this was the sibyl that most concerned the Romans, located near the Greek city of Naples, whom Virgil’s Aeneas consults before this descent to the lower world. It was she who supposedly sold to Tarquinius Superbus, the last king of Rome, the original Sibylline books.

Hellespontine Sibyl – or the Trojan sibyl presided over the Apollonian oracle at Dardania. The sibylline collection at Gergis was attributed to the Hellespontine Sibyl and was preserved in the temple of Apollo at Gergis. Thence it passed to Erythrae, where it became famous.

Phrygian Sibyl – The Phrygian Sibyl appears to be a doublet of the Hellespontine Sibyl.

Tiburtine Sibyl – To the classical sibyls of the Greeks, the Romans added a tenth, the Tiburtine Sibyl, whose seat was the ancient Etruscan town of Tibur. An apocalyptic pseudo-prophecy exists, attributed to the Tiburtine Sibyl, written c. 380 CE, but with revisions and interpolations added at later dates. It purports to prophesy the advent of a final Emperor named Constans, vanquishing the foes of Christianity, bringing about a period of great wealth and peace, ending paganism and converting the Jews. After vanquishing Gog and Magog, the Emperor is said to resign his crown to God. This would give way to the Antichrist. Ippolito d’Este rebuilt the Villa d’Este at Tibur, the modern Tivoli, from 1550 onward, and commissioned elaborate fresco murals in the Villa that celebrate the Tiburtine Sibyl, as prophesying the birth of Christ to the classical world.

As Christianity gained in strength, the purpose of the Sibyls shifted. Many of them were withered martyred or went into hiding. It is believed that the Dogon Tribe and Pygmie Tribes, the oldest tribes of matriarch order, still old the truths and wisdom, along with prophesies of The Sybils. These mystic women origins and stories are growing in resonance as more women Strengthen their spiritual gifts and foresight.

To learn more about the Sybils:


Black Her Story Month: Goddess Brigid

February 1st is the Start of Black History and what a wonderful way to commemorate by Honoring The Goddess Brigid on her Feast Day of Imoblc. 

February 1st is the Irish tradition in both religious and mythological remembrance of Goddess Brigid by the pagans and St. Brigid by religious tradition. This Feast day is known as Imbolc which is in honor of Brigid, the Goddess of Muur Celts, who was later to be bestowed as a Saint by the Catholic Church. She is attributed as the elevated or exalted one. She in her ancient representation is that of a Black Woman or Moorish Celtic  

In mythological texts, Goddess Brigid is the keeper of the eternal flame, which represents the essence of an inner dawn. She is the halfway of light and darkness. This is why her feast day is half way between winter and spring solstices. 

It is said in ancient texts that at the moment between dusk and daybreak, Brigid arose into the sky with flames like rays of the sun blazing in her hair.

In Ireland, you can find a shrine near Kildare that is sacred to the druids for it is believed to have been the a place where Brigid’s priestesses tended to her eternal flame. The Priestesses were taught the healing properties of ancient practices that associate to Brigid. She is the keeper of all things sacred, elevated wisdom, and higher states of consciousness. 

In 480 CE, Saint Brigid, who is believed to be the human incarnate of the Goddess, built a monastery in honor of her and consecrated it as a center of women’s religious learning and spiritual instruction to elevated consciousness. Saint Brigid is credited with organizing communal religious rites for women and later revered for founding the development of religious learning into a cathedral city. 

Her message, whether as the Goddess or Saint, is to remind us to reconnect to our inner fire where our soul yearns to sprout forth. She reminds us to create sacred space within our home and bodies that allows full soul presence. 

Brigid reminds us that there are always bridges between darkness and light; and that we are never alone in our journey of soul maturation. With each dark time comes dawn, reminding us that our light never leaves us and with each new day is bound to be brighter and fuller because we traveled through.

Faith in the Fire: New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️

Final New Moon in Sagittarius Eclipse

We are in the final New Moon of 2020 and ending it in Sagittarius. Well…Actually beginning it 💫

The journey of the Phoenix bird is to rise from the Ashes into a Glorious Flaming New Being flying higher from its old state. Never to go back for there are new terrains to explore and new experiences to behold. Many of you are the New Leaders, Teachers, Healers, Counselors etc of the New Age! As Rebels, Warriors, Gods, Goddesses, and Priestesses, Priests, knowing who and what fans your inner flame is a part of the journey of Soul Alchemy and Self Discovery!

This is not the time to back down because the temperature is getting hotter to burn, purify, and refine you. All lessons come with Blessings…ie. Grand Conjunct of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, 2020!

2020 presented many parts of our self, relationships, and of society that are to be left in the ashes. There is no going back even if we desire to. We are called to go higher, to live and move on from the former, and to step into a higher sense of purpose and knowing. This is the Transformation that so many of us yearned deeply for in our soul. May this energy be a guide to you to embody your soul’s calling!

Burn Bright my friends 🔥

Xoxo, Tahiry Devine

When Sisters Emerge Together

Currently we are witnessing the rise of femininity centric content. While I am pleased that women are coming together for connection and wisdom, unfortunately there is an overwhelming majority of this movement that has its base in women communing simply for the gaining “wisdom” on how to attract and attain a male favor through manipulating and presenting a false identity to “bag” him. There is an array of content that attempts to relay to women how she should look, Talk, and behave so that she would be chosen by a male sponsor or lover. Majority of this rhetoric centers women to attach their identity with each other through the male’s erotic or fantasy ideals of women. It is a sisterhood through the son/male rather than the sister/womanhood that premeditates pop culture and social media.

The problem with this narrative that women are being sold implies that women have no agency outside of men. And that our womanhood journey is solely for or centers around the male. To learn more about my “theory” watch my video on Patriarchal deception through the Triple Goddess here.

While I appreciate the company of a man, I did not want him to be the focal point of my connection with women, or a sisterhood. This led me to begin a search, first with myself and my womanhood journey, then that of my sisters. I found that women need women. We need true deep emotional connection, intimacy with one another. Studies shown that women who have a strong, supportive circle of friends had a much greater chance I’d survival than women who are socially isolated.

This is why I am called to build community of sisters. Women who are women-centered. A supportive collective of like minded sisters who are being seen, heard, and understood A sacred space to rediscover sisterhood and healing the sister wound. By establishing sister hood we are not just inspired to take action in our personal lives, but also empowered to stand in our truths and power. Sisterhood is where we strip ourselves from competition and fear, it’s where we find true connectivity, compassion, and transparency. We can retreat from the demand of life and the world and commune together in sacred space that shares similar values, uplifts, and allow you to be fully in your power unabashed.

Perhaps deep within, you know you are one of these women, yet you are paralyzed by fear of judgement, uncertainty of the unknown, or even failure. You have carried yourself this far, yet now your soul is yearning for something with more depth to remind you that you are not in isolation or alone. Join our sacred sisterhood Devine Tribe and experience first hand the courage it takes to step up and claim your personal power and awaken feminine support.

You are ready to release the stories of not being enough, you are ready to embrace the fullness of who you truly are in an environment that is nourishing, passionate, and purposeful. Then this space is for you! Join the Sisterhood today!

If you are ready to step into a magical and sacred space with other women then I invite you to join myself and other sisters Sunday, 11/ 29/2020 for the First day of The Emergence.

We are gathering in unity to develop our spiritual practice, attune our personal cycles, enhance our intuition, and connect in wholly Union with like minded sisters.

This is why The Emergence was born: to answer the need for sacred ceremony, ancient wisdom, and sisterhood for our personal and planetary evolution.

The Emergence is an online sanctuary where you are invited to explore your expanding inner light through 4 of the 13 Divine Feminine Archetypes. The Emergence is a sacred reminder that you are not alone in your journey and that connection and intimacy is your birthright.

Join us and dive into a deeper relationship with yourself and your sisters. Registration closes Friday, 11/20

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How to develop a sense of Agency and Maintain Your Control

Developing a sense of agency is vital for finding emotional , mental, spiritual, and physical balance, thinking more clearly and advocating for yourself.
My experiences has to taught and shown me the importance of this and I wish to share how I DID NOT have agency, to developing my own sense of agency.

To begin, having agency is your ownership of your own power and your ability to affect/create your future. It’s your ability to pilot your life.

I grew up in a very strict military, religious, and southern home. The old tale of children should be seen and not heard was the reigning value that my father held. In addition, I was raised or better yet talked down to by my “authority” that it is better to obey and if you do what you are told (obedience) then you will be rewarded with love, sustenance, and/or avoid being punished. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do or not do that was “good” enough to deserve provision or reward. I did not realize how that programming bled over into other areas of my life besides my desire to please and be loved by my parents, particularly my father. I adopted the notion that someone else was always in control of me and that I had no power to change or take ownership of myself. It wasn’t until I got married, had my second child, and entered my Saturn return that I started to see how my faulty belief system had hijacked my life, my creativity, and my power over myself. I have it all up to other people to decide what they felt was best for me, mainly out of what was best for their selves. I do not fault anyone who does and creates circumstances that is best for themself, in fact I encourage you to do the same. The problem was more so myself and not any one person, organization, or group; it was ALL me. I had to make the change in order to be for me what everyone was being for themselves, and that was having agency.

Below I share just the four principles that assisted me in developing and maintaining my agency.

  1. Intentions- this will always be number One! Setting an intent that you are committed to take action to change your circumstances, environment to change your life. It starts with your heart. Being true to what you want even when you do not have the words or idea of how to create it. This is where the mind can now play. When the mind attunes with the heart, the mind will make the shift because you have set a clear intent to be the pilot of your life, even when you don’t know HOW to do it. Just knowing you are committed will open the next step.
  2. Self Reflection and Control your stimuli- I’m always in a state of constant self reflection (a gift and blessing 😝) because it allows me to think about and evaluate my own motives, values and my life goals. This step is important because it allows you to address any conflicts in your motivations and choose acts and actions that are in favor with your values, goals, and motivations. This can come through journaling…I like making lists, or through quiet time alone…I typically like to record myself as I talk out my thoughts; I don’t always replay them because I’m quite judgmental but for the right reasons LOL. I have realized that when do listen to my old recordings I always gain new insights. This is a time to manage beliefs, emotions, discover new ideas, and enhance intuition.
  3. Education- This step is typically overlooked because we may think that only formal schooling is “education”. I would argue that any intent and act you take to learn something new is education. I love resource books, interviews, and documentaries. I’m a natural librarian (Libra/Aries) and love to study people, philosophy, and spiritual development. Sometimes it’s best to start with someone you admire or feel a sense of connection to so that you may learn about how they became who they are and how you can adapt their life lessons in your own life. My two favorite people thus far I have studied were Dolly Parton and Coco Chanel.
  4. Forethought and Strategy- NOW I BELEIVE THIS IS THE MOST SKIPPED STEP… but the most important as well. This is where you have to start figuring out the best way for you to get what and where you want to be. This step takes courage. The type of courage that Noah has whole building an Ark or like Daniel has when thrown into the Lions Den or like the Lion of The Wizard of Oz who helped save his friends when they were derailed and attacked. Courage is NOT the absence of Fear, in fact fear just may be necessary “block” that you are to go through to get what you KNOW you deserve.
    This is the phase of getting active mentally and physically, as well as spiritually.

Having agency is taking responsibility for YOUR life. It is the road least travelled because he requires discipline, paying attention, flexibility, and compassion for self and to self. As we practice agency, we will find that we have more influence not just over our own lives, but also in the lives of others. 😊💫

The Traps of New Age Spirituality

When comes to a spiritual journey, wisdom and knowledge is imperative in order to not be led astray. All leaders and guidance counselors should lead you back to you. What I have noticed within the spiritual or “new age” communities is the rise of “healers and teachers” converting back to religion or some form of monotheistic spiritual practice. While I have no issue with how one chooses to life out their path; I do take issue with how some come out as teachers or prophets of a spiritual system they have limited or no experience with.

To learn more on how to avoid New Age entrapment, click on the video

I Talked to my Vagina, and this happened… – Divinely Kissed

Just like many women, I had been conditioned to not know my feminine power. It was bottled up and served to me as the “perfect, obedient daughter, then as either the “we don’t love these thots/whores/sluts” or the “virginal ever-giving wife/mother” and then to matriculate as the “unacknowledged bitter old lady or ever-
— Read on

Getting to the BHAG

It’s Time To Design Your LIFE!

As you may know, everyone is obsessed with the BAG! Money bag Money Bag Money Bag Yo! Bag After Bag, Stopping Bags… its literally every where right now in Social Media and Popular Music/Culture!

There is a song that could be inserted <HERE> that relates to getting some type of BAG! While I am all about getting that Bag and Schmoney… not many are centering their points on what is needed to get the bag. Hence why I am focusing this and the next series on emails about Getting the #BHAG!

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, an idea conceptualized in the book, “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” by James Collins and Jerry Porras. According to Collins and Porras, a BHAG is a long-term goal that changes the very nature of a business’ existence. While this is an excellent read for business and entrepreneurs; I like to take this approach to our individual life. 

BHAGs are meant to shift how we do business,or in this matter, our life. BHAGs are bigger, bolder and more powerful than regular long- and short-term goals. They typically take a 10- to 30-year commitment, but they are exciting, tangible and something everyone just “gets” without any further explanation. For instance, may be your Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to move to another country; maybe its to go back to school as a single-parent non-traditional student; or maybe its just to connect with your body and senses in a way that you have never done before…. Whatever your BHAG is for you, I am here along the journey with you to share my BHAG and collaborate with you to get you to your BHAG!

So how do I start Getting to the BHAG you ask…

How to Create a BHAG

1. Conceptualize It

The first step is taking the time to think through and conceptualize a goal you can aim toward that will change your business and/or your life. Let go of constraints and let your imagination take charge; your BHAG should be overly ambitious and seem unattainable. Here are the other criteria of a BHAG to keep in mind:

  • Minimum of a 10-year plan
  • Action-oriented
  • Innovative
  • Compelling and exciting

This is probably the most difficult part of creating a BHAG. It can take a long time (weeks, months, even years) to identify a goal that is important enough to you to qualify it as a BHAG. However, I can assist you in finding your BHAG in a single session. My 2020 Gift to you a Consultation with me; email me back to get started!

Remember that a true BHAG is clear and compelling and serves as a unifying focal point of effort– often creating immense team and inner spirit.  It has a clear finish line, so that all involved can know when it has achieved the goal; we like to shoot for finish lines over here!  

Sure, 10 years seems like an awfully long time. But if you have created a powerful BHAG, a decade is probably an aggressive timeline. Personally, I kind of like the long time-frame. Think about how busy you are now. Having a goal that you don’t anticipate achieving until way in the future gives you time to create a solid plan and approach it methodically. And you’ll need that time if your BHAG is truly one of the “unattainable.”

Watch out for my Next email on the next step to Creating a BHAG!



What is Love, Spiritually?

It is February and Valentines Day is quickly approcahing. I could barely make it into 2020 without seeing the display of pink and red hearts prepping and reminding of the few short weeks until its time to profess your love for your significant other. I must admit, although I do not participate in many US Holidays, Valentines is one of my favorites. I am a Libra, so as a Venusian ruled sign, I love love and as a Leo Venusian, I LOVE the Glamour of Love! I love candle-lit dinners under the stars, lights dimmed low for a WHOLE Vibe, 90s R&B music, Chocolates, Balloons, Rom-Coms, Poetry, Italian cuisine, Gift exchanging, Classy Public display of affection, and Love-Making…

However, I know that none of that is love.

What is Love? It seems that so many of us are seeking it, longing for it, and even trying to avoid it. Despite your or mine disposition on love., one thing for sure it seems like a concept that many have heard yet truly may had or have. There are movies, songs, poetry, books all about love, lack of love, or the most relatable topic in music, unrequited love. It is literally everywhere and yet no where at the same time.

Alexa, play 21 Savage No heart

I have have been told that God is Love. I have even read about what it is supposed to be about in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

But is this really what love is?

In this post I am going to explain what I BELIEVE love to be. AND that is just it, Love is Being. Love is an action not just a feeling or a doing. Love just is. Along my journey I think I have come to understand why in religious circles they say God is Love. I truly think that Love is so intangible that we use God (an unseemly intangible being) as a way to explain the un-explainable. I must preface it here that I do not BELIEVE in a God with out… meaning an entity outside of me or in the sky. I believe that God dwells inward. I believe that God is the very essence of why I have my existence. God is my energy or Inner Chi. Ques MaryMary God In Me..

Since God dwells within me, hence then I am God in the Flesh. The Word/The Sound/The Frequency that became Flesh. And in my spiritual journey I have come to understand that love is Self-Love and there is nothing higher or greater than that.

To love someone or anything else you must first love yourself. This is one of the biggest mistakes because many are looking for a god without (God is Love) instead of the God within. If you first do not love the Divine within you will never find, better yet attract love outward.

Love, in any form, starts with love for yourself.

Fill your cup up first, and give the overflow to others

Photo Credit: Nicky Deckoning

When you love yourself unconditionally, you fully accept and appreciate who you are, and you deeply respect and honour the truest version of yourself. You welcome a life of happiness and fundamentally believe you deserve to feel good about yourself. And when you come from this place of self-love, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-respect, you will have more fulfilling, loving relationships with others.

From my experience, Self love is the first experience of love. Love is Divine and when I began to Love me as the Divine; to simply put it, recognization and acknowledging of my own divinity opened me to love myself first, care for myself first, and put myself first so that I could be in a position to give and receive love unconditionally. Only because I give unconditional love to myself first, I am able to recognize the divinity of others and treat them accordingly based on their level or understanding of love without attachment or expectation.

God/is Love ❤️