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This is an in depth tarot reading about any subject you choose. This is a video recorded tarot reading that will showcase all the cards pulled and will describe the reading in depth. The tarot decks being used are Rider-Waite and/or Angel Tarot Deck. The tarot reading can cover a wide range of subjects like self improvement, love questions, life direction, help in a crisis, monthly or yearly energy predictions and much more! We will send you a questionnaire to gain further insight into what you are looking for.

**Disclaimer****As with all readings Tahiry Devine nor their associates does not promise a specific outcome to your situations. Nor do they claim to predict the future. The future is not set in stone, nor can one predict the consequences that may come about due to the decisions made. Thus they are not liable for any actions taken by any previous or future clients. Our intent with utilizing tarot is to help clients come into a self-empowered mental state so that whatever decisions and actions they decide to make after the readings are ones that are more aligned with who the client desires to be and the direction in life they would like to go. Tahiry Devine does not strive to tell you how to live your life. Rather help you tune into your own authentic essence so that you can better determine how you would like to live your own life.

Oracle Readings 

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Please give your first name & birthday, and area of focus needing guidance (home, career, romance, etc) or simply ask a question you need guidance about, please be specific when asking a question you seek guidance on. These are completely optional, you choose what you want to share.

I aim to give you a highly intuitive experience that leaves you feeling empowered and inspired, giving you some wisdom and clarity as a guide in your “situation”.

Oracle cards will be chosen from “The Sacred Rebels Oracle” and/or “The Isis Oracle” by Alanis Fairchild. We may pull from the Tarot for more insight.
These decks were thoughtfully chosen to help guide us through the ever changing tides we go through from day to day.

Natal Chart Analysis

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In this detailed report, we will discuss the energy dynamics present within your birth chart. A birth chart isn’t a snapshot of the energy present at the moment you were born. This determines what your personality is like, why you attract certain experiences into your life, how you love, what your interests are and what you struggle with on a subconscious level. Each planet serves a different purpose in our life and helps to shape our personality and which House it rules within your chart. If you thought your were just your “Sun sign” try again! There is way more to your personality than just your Sun. You are made up of many energies and can express yourself in different ways at different times. This is all explained to you in our natal chart analysis. Get the answers to all the questions your have been wondering about since birth. If you need answers, the natal chart is the very first place to begin, Book now!

This is a voice recorded reading that you will receive to your email address within a 2 week time period. Our reports are first come first served, so you can receive it sooner depending on the work load.

*This service is offered as a live one on one for up to 60 minute (one-time) session. Live Session is conducted via skype or phone

Synastry Analysis

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In the synastry love report we will compare you and your lover’s natal charts to check for your energetic compatibility. We will give you information about the challenges you may face throughout your relationship as well as the potential for long term love. When we compare your charts, we will see how well your planets “Match Up”. Relationships are complicated and there are many layers to a couples energetic relationship. Some aspects are harmonious and supportive while others create tension and opposition. Some offer support for a healthy foundation and others hold
potential for destruction. It is very important to get this information about the energy dynamics between you and another person. This will basically tell you what you already knew subconsciously, but couldn’t put into words. Its very inspiring!

*This service is offered as a live one on one up to 60 minute (one-time) session. Live Session conducted via skype or phone.

Spiritual/Life Coaching

Whether it be in love, life, or spiritual matters (or all the above). Schedule an FREE 5-minute consultation to redirect your life into manifesting your Best Life Now!

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