Goddess Coaching

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Goddess Coaching

For a booking and rates  email: TahiryD9@gmail.com

Goddess coaching is a service used to help you tap into your divine feminine energy whether male or female. The divine feminine energy is the energy of the unconscious mind and the source of true healing in our life. In order to live our best lives we need to purify the emotions and understand what is going on with us beneath the surface. We also help you manifest the life you desire. There are a lot of techniques that can be used during Goddess coaching to promote long lasting healing in your life. We use affirmations, mantras, visualizations, manifestation tips, law of attraction and meditation techniques. You let us know what your goal is and we can help you achieve that goal. This is a one to one session with Tahiry Devine . All appointments are made in EST ( Eastern Standard Time)

Topics we can discuss:

Yoni Power

Manifestation + Success

Magnetic Appeal

Astrology + Energy Dynamics

Art of Seduction

Beauty Adornment + Attractiveness

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