Goddess Energy Archetype



In this lovely energy report, we will use astrology to decipher your personal unique goddess energy! I will look at your Moon, Venus, Neptune and Plutonian energy to see how you express the divine feminine in all its different forms. The Moon signifies our emotions, intuition and how we nurture ourselves and others. Venus is our love nature and determines how we act in relationships, our sensuality, sexuality and our ability to attract. Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination, spirituality and psychic ability. This shows our compassion, artistic ability and our spiritual nature. Pluto is the planet of deep sexuality and transformation. This shows us how we deal with the unconscious and the more mysterious side of our nature. It also shows us the power we have over other people.

Details: $85

For a booking email: TahiryD9@gmail.com
Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your report. This report is a recording that will be sent to you via email. You will be allowed to ask any clarifying questions about the report after it is reviewed.


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