Tarot and Oracle Reading


This is an in depth tarot reading about any subject you choose. This is a video recorded tarot reading that will showcase all the cards pulled and will describe the reading in deapth. The tarot decks being used are Rider-Waite, The Isis Oracle deck, and Sacred Rebels deck. The tarot reading can cover a wide range of subjects like self improvement, love questions, life direction, help in a crisis, monthly or yearly energy predictions and much more! We will send you a questionnaire to gain further insight into what you are looking for.

Details: $111

For a booking email: TahiryD9@gmail.com
Please allow 2-3 days to receive your report. This report is a recording that will be sent to you via email. You will be allowed to ask any clarifying questions about the report after it is reviewed

**Disclaimer****As with all readings Tahiry Devine nor their associates does not promise a specific outcome to your situations. Nor do they claim to predict the future. The future is not set in stone, nor can one predict the consequences that may come about due to the decisions made. Thus they are not liable for any actions taken by any previous or future clients. Our intent with utilizing tarot is to help clients come into a self-empowered mental state so that whatever decisions and actions they decide to make after the readings are ones that are more aligned with who the client desires to be and the direction in life they would like to go. Tahiry Devine does not strive to tell you how to live your life. Rather help you tune into your own authentic essence so that you can better determine how you would like to live your own life.

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