How to Care for the Pynk


On the brink of Janelle Monáe’s amazingly beautiful display of sheer pussy power celebration in her new album Dirty Computer, and hit single Pynk. It only feels right to share a few tips on how to keep a fresh, healthy, and pink vulva.

Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina/vulva; the symbol of the goddess Shakti. The yoni is the center fro creation — literally and figuratively. Literally, it is the space in which you birth new life, and figuratively, it is the space in which your momentum for creative expression is sheltered, churned and lit up for radiant inspiration and spontaneous creation. If you are a woman, you are so blessed to be able to house these magical powers. It is a dynamic system that functions as an entire universe of its own. Our beautiful vulva/vaginas brings us great pleasure and joy, however, it can also bring much pain and suffering when everything is not functioning properly. Keeping our yoni healthy, luscious, and pynk can work wonders when its in its best state. Here are a few tips to keep it in the PYNK!

  1. The Remarkable Multi-purpose Instrument

    While it is often portrayed as being an open tunnel, this is one thing it is not. The vagina is a softly collapsed tube. The walls fold in and touch like a closed accordion. It’s a truly remarkable structure due to its ability to contract and expand. Despite its appearance of being a rather small orifice, it can get big enough to birth an entire baby, and it can also contract enough to make a snug sleeve for any size penis. Quite remarkable!


  1. ‘Don’t Be a Basic Goddess, Balance the Scales

    What constitutes as a healthy vagina is generally the acidic pH level which contains rich quantities of beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections, and when its is naturally lubricated. Normally, vaginal pH is about 3.8 to 4.5, but douching can interfere with the vagina’s pH levels as well as tampons that have been inside for too long, and high diet of sugar and gluten, which entails of higher acidity level and disrupts the healthy vaginal biome — the bacterial makeup of your vagina — and setting the stage for bacterial infections. While it may be fun to eat whatever you desire, we must be mindful that what we consume can have many different biological and biochemical effects to our bodily systems, but following a balanced, nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water are both key to vaginal and reproductive health.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar, The Gift from The Goddess

    Apple cider vinegar is a very STRONG natural antibiotic. As its name indicates, it is acidic, which makes it helpful if your pH has become too basic. It can kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa and make way for good bacteria to recolonize your intestines and vagina, thereby solving any pH unbalanced problem and making it harder for bad bacteria to take hold! But let me warn you, this stuff is STRONG! Please DO NOT pour this stuff on your yoni, you will immediately regret it, it burns like HECK. There are many ways to use this natural antibiotic: you can drink it, I prefer to put 2 teapoons with warm tea and honey, or eat it on a super green salad as a dressing or marinade. In fact, including this in your regular routine can help prevent imbalances. Another favorite way I prefer to use this divine solution is to soak a natural sea sponge in diluted warm water and ACV solution and insert it into the vagina. I will let it sit inside for about 15-20 minutes, NO LONGER THAN 30 minutes! Lastly, you put in a couple cups of ACV to a full bath water. Grab you a bottle on the link below!

    Bragg USDA Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, With The Mother 16 Ounces Natural Cleanser, Promotes Weight Loss – Pack of 2

    4. Sacred Practice with Yoni Crystal Eggs

    Yoni Eggs are polished semi-precious gemstones that have been carved in the shape of an egg. They are inserted into the vagina during Kegel exercises to assist in strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles. They have been used as an ancient practice for royals and higher societies up until recent history.
    Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for “sacred seat”. In ancient times the woman’s reproductive organs were praised and worshipped for its divine role in creating life.
    The benefits of adding Yoni eggs to your daily practice can result in an increase in natural lubrication, even after menopause; balance of hormonal and pH level; increases libido, and assist in overcoming infertility. The yoni egg is not just a Kegel exercise tool, it is a sacred tool that has been used since ancient times for physical and emotional healing and transformation. They have been used as a guide to help you learn and connect more deeper with yourself. They teach us to listen carefully to our body and mind for a more intuitive connection.



Published by Tahiry Devine

Hello to all, my name is Tahiry Devine and welcome to this sacred space of healing, encouragement, and community through the ideals of wombman-hood, Mothering, and awakening of the Divine Feminine as told through my journey. As a wombman of color, I aspire to share not only my spiritual journey and life hacks I have learned over the years but to collaborate with wombman all over who desire to share and walk in their Divine calling. Wholeness and Love

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