The Secret to Law of Attraction and Manifestation: What the Gurus Haven’t Told You!


Think it! Believe it! Write It! Create a Vision Board! You may be familiar with this when it comes to practicing the Law of Attraction. Simply put, the Law of Attraction has been explained as the ability we have to attract whatever in our lives that we are focusing on. While this is true, most of the Law has been confined to only what we can think in our minds and thoughts to be translated into materialization in our reality. Now this is a great start to understanding what the Law of Attraction is; however, it does not necessarily embody or places emphasis on how to apply it to materialize into our reality.

I am here to share with 3 Secrets that Law of Attraction and Manifestation Gurus have yet to tell you.  Like I mentioned beforehand, much of what we hear and know about the law of attraction and manifesting is centered around us thinking about what we want and believing that we can or shall have it. Like I said, that is a great first step, however many of you have been doing all the things the gurus have mentioned: Vision boarding, writing it out, journaling,  thinking about it until you are blue in the face.. LOL well maybe not or at least you may feel that way because it has not seem to come into fruition the way you expect or want. Here are the THREE secrets that will make the Law of Attraction work in your favor!

  1. Stop Thinking You Know What You Want, You DON’T

    Ok I already here you saying, “Tahiry, but all the gurus say I have to think it, see it, visualize it…” Yes, those are all great baby steps, but I  am telling you right now, You DO NOT know what you want, let alone can you truly visualize what you desire. Now, we all have great minds and many of have a vivid imagination and can create some pretty elaborate visions. This is all great, however, our minds can not truly capture all the vastness that the Universe has to offer us, even on our best creative day! What I am saying is, as creative as you and I may be, we are still limiting the greatness of what the Universe desires to give to us. WE can only visualize what we know or can think and It is impossible for us to truly know ALL the Delightful and Wonderful things that are out here for us to receive! For example, let’s say you want to manifest abundance in your life. Immediately you start to imagine and think about money.  Right there, it’s not the money that is your heart’s desire, its what the money can do for you to receive your heart’s desires. What you really want is Freedom to do and have what your heart’s desire with no limitation. Remember, money is a tool that we use for exchange, and many times we put money where it does not belong.

  2. Raise Your Vibration to Match How You Would Feel

    This secret is one of the most important part of manifesting and for the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. To boost your manifestation power you will have to raise your heart’s vibrational energy to the frequency of what it would feel like to have what you want. For instance, let’s say you want to manifest a new beau, naturally the first thing you would want to do is imagine how we would want he or she to look. STOP! Instead raise your vibration to the frequency of love or what it would feel like to be in a new relationship. Match your energy to that feeling and stay within that. You want the feeling of ecstasy, intimacy, inspiration, joy, freedom etc… And please note, it’s not the Stuff or People we want, it’s the feeling that we think they will give us; so live on that harmonic expression of that which makes you feel the best! Like attracts Like and That is LAW! The Universe will pluck out all that it is that matches to our vibrational energy that is perfectly suited for you.

  3. Release and Surrender

    This is the Second Most Important secret: Release and Surrender to the Universe. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE CONTROL! This is where we must allow Faith and Trust to be acted out. Know that the Universe DEEPLY loves you and give you all that your heart desires more thank you can think it or dream it! Let go and fall back into the hands of the Divine! You are being cared for, allow it to happen!



One thought on “The Secret to Law of Attraction and Manifestation: What the Gurus Haven’t Told You!

  1. I love this article! Everything it says to do is what I have been doing, with exception of not matching my energy level to what I want and feeling those feelings as if I am experiencing them now but, that has changed today. Beginning today I will match the level of energy to feel what I want, in addition to my vision board I created several months ago. Thank you for sharing! It was very helpful!

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