Prospering with Uranus in Taurus


So we are officially days in Uranus transiting in Taurus for the next 7 years and off the brink of the New Moon in Taurus. Many of you, like me, are feeling slightly different and maybe on edge. This shift has definitely have many of us feeling like we do not have control. Ok, time for a little backstory:

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign, and second zodiac. She rules stability, being grounded, and our basic needs, food, shelter, relationships, sensuality, and money. With her being a fixed sign, rightfully so imaged as a Bull, she is quite stubborn, or better yet does not like to be moved when she finds comfort. Now here comes the “problem” planet Uranus is the energy of change, and not just any change, unexpected changes, shake-the-damn-table type of change. Depending where Taurus falls in our chart, we are sure to experience some drastic to unexpected changes in our lives in some way. Especially in areas where we are comfortable and feel control. This transit is shaking up our need to control and the comfort zones we created.

Prosperity is the seat Wisdom. Not the seat of stuff. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge. 



What this energy shift is calling us to do is to have integrity in the areas of our lives which Taurus rules. For instance, how many of us have integrity when it comes to our finances, our health,  relationships, work/business, lifestyle? Are making empty commitments to take better care of ourselves, loved ones, money management, etc. Taurus in Uranus is telling us to have integrity in the next 7 years in these areas of our lives so that we can experience prosperity. Now I know, this energy is definitely triggering some of us, because it is calling us out and requiring us to observe where we may be slacking and revealing the opportunity to grow and expand outside or comfort zones. The beautiful aspect of this energy shift; Uranus is a generational planet, the last transit was in Taurus being 1942, that brings generational wisdom, knowledge, and that leads to wealth and prosperity. What has the previous generation passed on to us, and what are we passing on to the next generation.

I want to clarify exactly what is prosperity. Prosperity or to prosper is NOT stuff; prosperity is wisdom. And wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Now the by product of prosperity can be stuff, but simply not limited to that. Uranus in Taurus is calling for us to HEAL our Prosperity Story. Our Prosperity Story is what we think and feel about prosperity: what our parents may have said and felt about prosperity, what our religion or belief systems may have said about prosperity, what our society or culture says about prosperity, even to what you think and feel about prosperity.

Prosperity takes mentorship


Uranus is “forcing” us to look deep within ourselves so that we can heal and thrive. She is bringing the pain for change, all for our betterment of course! She is shaking us up to become reliable, respectful, accountable, and grounded in our own prosperity and those who are connected to us. We are being called to get up from what once was comfortable, you know that spending a little more than we should or that holding on to that relationship that is no longer serving us or that hiding behind that job that were are not satisfied in, to apply right knowledge, WISDOM, so we can entail prosper in life and create a NEW comfortable zone, one that nourishes us, not drain or stifle us.

As I mentioned earlier, Uranus is a generational planet and it is requiring us to take the lessons from the past generation and apply the knowledge from where the lessons. We are being guided to seek great wisdom and more information through these next seven years. Seeking and asking for more or additional information is what will be needed to properly assert ourselves in confidence as we travail through these seven years.

This transit is sure to bring up some unexpected changes in how we live, think, and apply our actions. But what I would like for all of to take from these changes is they are stretching and expanding us to new territories. Take this energy in stride and know that you are being divinely guided to succeed.

Comment below if you are feeling the shift or change, share with me how you are adjusting to this new energy and what you think to expect, if anything. Look forward to conversing with you all!

xo, Tahiry



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