#GetOut with the New Moon in Leo & Partial Solar Eclipse


It is time to #GetOut! Get out of Self Doubt, Self Sabotage, Self Loathing, Fear, and Stagnation. The cosmos is aligned for us to become who we truly are. Live life free from fear and all that holds us back! This eclipse season is all about shining light on our shadows so that we can fully encompass who we truly are!

However, in order to do that we have to know that Intention is EVERYTHING! This has been the Major Key Alert for 2018: intent and awareness. We can not make intentions if we are not aware of what we want and where we need to make change to embrace the new. However, if you have been aligning yourself with the last series of eclipses and retrogrades, you are more than aware of what you need to do; now its time to do it! #roar Lioness and Lions

Image result for katy perry roar gif

The Leo New Moon and the Eclipse is saying it is time to BE. No more thinking, no more excuses; give it your all or nothing at all. This is the change or evolving that you have been desiring! We are Living out loud from our Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra, and with a kiss from the Divine through our Third Eye Chakra. We are being activated to live in our Glow Up. But you have to Receive it

Celebrate yourself, your uniqueness, quirkiness, the splendor of who all you are. You are golden, baby. Do yourself a favor and stop hiding it.




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