My Experience with Spiritually Grounding

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Everyone needs to be grounded, and no one more so than a person who is seeking spiritual growth. When you meditate, your personal energy field—your spirit/aura—expands. Opening you ti receive more from the Divine. Think of a tree. The bigger the top branches, the deeper and stronger the roots need to be, otherwise the tree will topple over.

When you meditate, you receive abundant wisdom and energy. We’ll talk more about meditation in another post…

When you are grounded, you are aware of what’s happening in the moment. You are energetically connected to the earth, your body, and your mind. Your feet feel the ground beneath them. You sense a physical and energetic connection between all of your body parts: your head feels connected to your neck, your neck feels connected to your torso, and so on. When properly grounded, you can more easily handle emotional issues—your own or someone else’s—with self-possession and awareness. You feel focused on this reality and in touch with your feelings and thoughts in relationship to this reality. The energy movement of grounding is downward to the earth, not upward out of your body. When you are ungrounded you cannot live your life to the fullest, let alone be a healthy.

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Hello to all, my name is Tahiry Devine and welcome to this sacred space of healing, encouragement, and community through the ideals of wombman-hood, Mothering, and awakening of the Divine Feminine as told through my journey. As a wombman of color, I aspire to share not only my spiritual journey and life hacks I have learned over the years but to collaborate with wombman all over who desire to share and walk in their Divine calling. Wholeness and Love

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