Mother Maya & The Crate Challenge

This Crate Challenge has taken the internet by storm! The interesting parallels of this challenge is that the videos that are the most viral are the ones of the people who “failed” the challenge. What is being messaged here? And where did all these crates come from?!? 😭😂

It’s not odd that as we are in Virgo season, time of purification and discernment, that this was brought to our news feeds. I want to share this photo to help us better discern what is being shown here and why is it that only the “fails” are going viral. On a surface level, we can argue that we humans find slapstick humor entertaining. However, If you’re a student of the occult, hidden knowledge, then you know nothing is what it seems to appear. I’ll ask you to examine these two photos and come to your own conclusion as to what is being said.

Courtesy of Doloew Da Pilotman

If failing/falling is viral during a virus pandemic, then who/what is failing and who/what is rising, if at all? 🤔
Please let me know what you think or are intuiting!


Tahiry 💋


Published by Tahiry Devine

Hello to all, my name is Tahiry Devine and welcome to this sacred space of healing, encouragement, and community through the ideals of wombman-hood, Mothering, and awakening of the Divine Feminine as told through my journey. As a wombman of color, I aspire to share not only my spiritual journey and life hacks I have learned over the years but to collaborate with wombman all over who desire to share and walk in their Divine calling. Wholeness and Love

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