Mother Goddess Peach & Rose Body Butter

Mother Goddess Peach & Rose Body Butter

This creamy, handmade body butter is scented with the intoxication fragrance of wild rose and juicy peaches. Roses are the symbol of love, beauty, and gratitude. The Great Mother, often times symbolized as the Virgin Mary, is embodied in this elegant mix of Roses and Peaches. With this butters light and airy scent, be ready to relax in the celebration of Femininity and Adoration like the Goddess you are!

This listing is for 2.5 ounces of whipped shea body butter and comes in a 4 ounce container. Paraben and preservative-free. Extremely nourishing to skin and a little will go a long way.

Ingredients: Pure shea butter, olive oil, hazelnut oil, apricot kernel oil, fragrance, and skin-safe colorant.

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