Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2018


A Full moon occurs when the moon is opposite from the sun; Currently the Sun is transiting in Gemini and the moon is transiting through Sagittarius. This means they are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel.

zodiac wheel

This highlights our opposing inner forces; such as needs vs. wants, work vs. home, desires vs. responsibilities, internal vs. external etc. what ever that may be, there is some sort of tension, conflict, or pulling we are feeling typically around a full moon. Also the moon highlights our connection to emotions, women or feminine energy in our lives, family or home, the way you nurture or receive nurturing.

A Full moon has its connection with the New Moon; those seeds of intentions that you planted or set forth, you may begin to see these come into fruition or more fine tuned or you may be urged to make an emotional adjustment towards your intentions. The moon’s lunar qualities are all about shifts and adjustments.

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, the third fire sign, Aries and Leo being the previous two, and she is symbolized as the Archer or Centaur. Sagittarius energy manifests through enlightenment, travel and truth-seeking. Curious Sagittarius is the sage that makes us hunger to expand and learn, sending us on adventures to determine the meaning of existence. Astrology site The Moon Woman described Sagittarius as a sign “who leaves convention to take up the quest for greater meaning”. She is governed by Jupiter, the planet of joy, expansion, fortune and luck, wisdom and higher learning, and travel.  As the third and final fire sign, it harnesses Aries’ trailblazing and Leo’s fiery leadership into a cosmic supernova of universal wisdom and action. Sagittarius is the inspirer and eternal optimist of the zodiac, challenging us to go big and seek limitless possibilities

So now that we have some background information on the moon and Sagittarius, let’s discuss the Full moon in Sagittarius:

The Full moon takes place on May 29, the same day Mercury, the planet of message and communication, transits into its ruling sign of Gemini; with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and with the Full moon in Sagittarius, there is much focus on our message, communication, words, and attention to how we communicate or share ideas and feelings.  When these two signs come together we are being showed how is our message either positive and loving or is too logical and cold. Are you speaking life and positivity over your life and intentions, or are you cold and harsh to yourself and others? Are we ego driven or soul driven? Where is your peace of mind, what gives you peace of mind?

This moon is having us to reflect and come into the fullness of our truths, breaking free from the inner and external restrictions of expression. AND BEING AWARE how quickly our thoughts and words will manifest in our lives.

Also note, May 29, 2018 is a double 11 portal!

  • 29 reduces to 11 (2+9=11)

    2018 is an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11)

11 is the gateway of PRESENT MOMENT – a portal into love, abundance, compassion, intimate connections.
For this Full Moon, 11 is a gateway into everything Sagittarius represents – the quest for truth, travel, freedom, adventure, optimism, finding solutions, deep gratitude and fortunate expansion – feeling lucky and blessed.

Today’s Zodiac Chart (May 28, 2018, 5:25pm EST)


Just a few things to note in this week, The Full moon is Sextile (think of it as the planets are making love to each other) to Mars in Aquarius, given us a new directional force with our actions. Observe where this new direction is taking you and act on your goals and instincts. Mars is also squaring (contention or wake up call) with Uranus in Taurus, you are feeling deep desire for freedom or independence. Putting your ideas and inspiration into a practical way that leads to action. Be aware not to act irrational, breathe through this and be receptive to inspiration and creativity, then act on or in a way that your spirit is leading you.

The Full moon is Semi-sextile (flirting going 1st base) to Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the great teacher and disciplinarian, and with this transit is asking us to be responsible and become are aware of where we need to readjust our risk and stay grounded. Sagittarius is all about throwing caution out the window, however, Saturn wants us to do that intelligently.

This moon energy is all about finding and following our true path, aligning with our authentic vision and our highest aspirations. Take a moment and focus on the journey like the Curious Sagittarius. There is an adventure ahead!


I WILL NOT settle for less. 

Looking for a Full Moon Ritual Click Here



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