The Solar Plexus: Taking Back Control of You


So far, in our Chakra series, we’ve covered Muladhara Chakra and Swadhistana Chakra. Today, we will explore Manipura Chakra.

Chakra,” in Sanskrit, translates to “wheel.” It implies a vehicle through which we perceive and believe as reality. Each chakra in our body corresponds to particular relationships we have had with others as well as our own physical organs, nervous system, senses, and body parts.

The 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus charka, is by far one of my favorite chakras. It is deemed the seat of our soul; meaning it is the center force of our identity, confidence and willpower. It is where the self-esteem, inner power and sense of responsibility originates; when it is strong we can accomplish and attain all that we wish and desire! Everything we need to be great is already inside of us. We need only to figure out how to access and harness it.

Located about six inches above your belly button within your diaphragm, the solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow and the element of fire. Physically, it supports your liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach and spleen. The lesson that this chakra provides is learning to relate to the self and express it fearlessly.

Daily Imbalance is Automatic. Daily Balancing Is A Choice

After matriculating the unconscious and subconscious of the Root and Sacral Chakra, our consciousness reaches the Solar Plexus to the realization of self. On a physical level, this chakra is the energy source, such as the digestive systems regulates energy from the foods we eat, on a spiritual or energetic level the Solar Plexus does the same. Think of it like this, we truly are what we eat. When we digest nutritionally dense and high vitality foods, we can expect our body to properly absorb and distribute the appropriate energy through out; and we can expect the adverse when we consume lesser quality foods.

When this chakra is imbalanced, one may experience feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt. You may see any change in life as a threat to your well being or fear of the future. Fear of failure that you become stagnate or unmotivated, or feeling  as though your are limited or not “special enough” to accomplish anything. Also, the imbalance manifest on a physical level as digestive problems, ulcers, liver problems, gallstones, pancreas disorders such as diabetes or hypoglycemia; overeating or under eating.

My Story

I struggled with an imbalance in this chakra, and others, for many years. I grew up in a very strict military and religious family. Obedience and compliance was the main focal point of my upbringing, and any deviation was rendered with harsh punishment and even verbal belittlement. I became very anxious and nervous, terrified to make a mistake wanting to avoid punishment, I even internalized the religious God waiting to “strike me down” if I made any slight mistakes or forget to pray or read the bible.In addition, I was “picked” on about my weight by my family, although they “believed” it was out of fun, it made me very self conscious and my weight constantly yo-yo up and down through out my childhood through my early adult life.  I lived in constant fear of failing so much that I would not pursue my goals or dreams fully; I felt unworthy and underserving of happiness or success. And if I was to acquire any success, it was short lived, I would immediately remember some “failure” or “mistake” I made along the way, allowing unworthiness to creep back in.

I Healed My Story

I started my chakra healing journey about five years ago. I came to the point that I was tired of feeling as if life was passing me by, and mostly tired of being afraid. What has helped me along my journey was to forgive myself for every time I allowed fear of judgement or wrath stop me from speaking up for myself, for every project or idea that I did not complete, and for every over critical thought or words I said about myself. What I also came to realize is that anyone who has done anything great or doing something that is perceived great is just a person as well. The only difference is they are walking and living in their true power and confidence of their talents and gifts. We all have talents and gifts and with right application and cultivation, we can thrive and shine in them as well! Mostly everyone has self esteem issues. Mostly everyone is afraid of public speaking and mostly everyone is afraid of being a leader. When you realize these things, it makes it easier to take a stand and find the confidence it takes to do great things.

How to strengthen the Manipura Chakra

  1. Self Reflection

Let’s say you were a gardener. Your role is to care take the plants, herbs, or flowers that you are growing, so you would tend to any weeds that may sprout and shoo away any bugs from eating at your sprouting. You do not control how the sprouts grow, yet you foster the environment for it to grow; you and nature are in a symbiotic relationship to see these sprouts bloom and thrive. The same is for your life, goals, or any projects or anything that we take on in life. We are called to foster the environment so that our gifts and talents can thrive. We have a specific place and role in this universe while here on Earth, and we must nurture ourselves and allow God/Universe to do the same.

2. Redefinition

Shift your focus from accomplishment and accolades, and more to contribution. How do you contribute to the world? What difference do you make when you walk and live fully in who you are and what you can do? Accomplishments fuel the ego, while not a bad thing, it can become out of balance if that is our main drive; while contribution fuels the soul. Accomplishment is completely attached to outcome whereas contribution is not attached to outcome but is a reward in and of itself.

3. Cutting ties

As the gardener that is lovingly guarding the sprouting from weeds and predators, you are doing the same by distancing yourself from critical and negative people. This healing journey will have you feeling vulnerable and open, which is a beautiful place to be, however, it is a fragile time and should be guarded vigilantly to ensure that only the right nourishment is being received. During this time of your life, you’ll benefit from supportive people who will encourage you to grow, not unsupportive people who will drag you through the mud. Remember that the power is in your hands. It is up to you to decide who stays and goes in your life. If someone is frequently discrediting, underrating, or bad-mouthing you, take steps to remove them from your life. You are worth the effort!

4.  The CCS therapy 

This method is a personal favorite, and really helped me feel connected to myself. The CCS therapy is Color, Crystal and Sound therapy. Solar plexus is associated to the color yellow. Yellow is one of the most luminous colors in the spectrum and represents sunshine, hope, positivity, and energy. I preferred wearing yellow, either a dress or top. When I wore this color I felt uplifted and desired to be seen in all of my glory! Crystals are a great vibrational healing tool. Citrine, Tigers eye, or Golden Calcite to name a few. You can wear them as jewelry, keep them in your pocket, or lay flat and rest them on the abdomen and receive their healing vibrations. I recommend a guided meditation if you choose to have them rest on you. Lastly, Sound therapy, the Manipura Chakra is associated to the “Ram” or intone vowel sound of “ahhh”. Saying these sounds in synch with wearing yellow and/or holding/resting with the associated crystals helps strengthen your connection to your self.





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