How I found myself in The Maiden, The Mother, & The Crone

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The Maiden, the Mother and, the Crone:

I was first introduced to this concept when I began my Goddess journey back in 2014. At that time it felt so revealing of me on my own journey as a woman and womanhood. This concept started to add pieces of what I believed was missing in my experience and ability to maneuver in life.

I wasn’t new to the idea archetypes but I was new to the notion of implementing archetypes in my life and thus seeing myself in one or all three. Awakening the Divine Feminine lead me into my own journey of self discovery and self realization. I immediately saw where I fit in the different archetypes and I fully intended in mastering myself in each one. I felt fluid between the maiden and the mother, it wasn’t until as of recently of last week that I really felt the embodiment of Mother archetype.

Just to give a brief introduction to these archetypes from my perspective:

Maiden is the phase of womanhood/femininity where she is realizing her creatrix/creative/sexual energy. This is the phase of apprenticeship; many mistakes and lessons during this phase. It is the tapping into the potency of attraction and manifestation.

Mother is the accountability of creative/sexual energy. She has mastered her ability and consciously creates, destroys, and rebuild. She activates within her own power and embodies the teacher and caregiver to her creations.

Crone is the most potent and powerful of all. She rests in her knowing and is the epitome of the right application of knowledge, i.e wisdom, that the Maiden and Mother can hope for and achieve with discipline and persistence. She is the Grand-Mother. She is the representation of gains and loss. In this phase she may lose a lot; but her gains for more greater than any loss. She is the bridge between the waking and dream world.

My Experience As Maiden and Mother

I can honestly say that I left my maidenhood just a few days short before last week. For me there was much difficulty in this phase in life because I felt like I did not have the proper guidance to be an apprentice. I maneuvered my maidenhood slightly foolishly, as anyone would given the circumstances. Fortunately, I was a little more wiser than my peers and I still made very good choices despite some haughty decisions.

During my maiden phase I became a mother, I honestly believed that I naturally fell into the archetype of Mother because I birthed children, nurtured and cared for them. I was married, in my career field, bought a house, and drove a nice car. I felt that was all I needed to be Mother. It was not until the last year and a half, while coming to the end of my Saturn Return that I came into the full realization of accountability in my life, present, past, and future. My maidenhood was a seesaw of depression, some deep-seated, and anxiety, sometimes so bad I would not sleep for days.

I was completely unsure of myself, my life path, and my relationships with work and family. It wasn’t until my encounter with the Goddess Kali that I fully understood or coming to understand what my life was like and where I was or wanted to be. I will share more on this encounter along with my Saturn Return at a later post. After Saturn left my sign, I thought now I had graduated to the next phase. I realized what I needed to see and now I have arrived. I found out soon that it did not work like that. Immediately I experienced what is called in the Tarot, a Tower moment in life. Just as I was becoming into more of what I thought I knew, literally everything fell apart. My marriage, my career, my finances they all were stricken by the Tower. At that point I was in complete reset mode.

Like I shared earlier, it wasn’t until last week that I felt the initiation of the shift the awakening of my cells into my mother archetype. I shared on my Youtube video  of the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, how everything is happening for you. And in retrospect, not only do I see it, I feel it too. I have been a practitioner of the Tantric Arts for a little over three years now; coming into my fourth year, I feel stability and expansion in my own personal power. As aforementioned, the mother archetype has little to do with birthing physical children but has everything to do with honing and owning your creative power and being accountable with how you use it.


Knowing how to properly harness it express it and maneuver freely in it is what make you embody the archetype of the mother. Just a few weeks before the Cancer New Moon, my cycle was a little over six days late. I was confused to why this was and the several nights I kept having dreams pregnancy related dreams; one I was actually giving birth. Its funny how you can know better, but not actually know better. My dream was speaking straight up to me.

I decided to take a pregnancy test; prior to buying the pregnancy test my spirit was already telling me you’re with child but not with child. I could hear my Inner Voice speaking to me but I still was listening to my outer Voice to drive me to the pharmacy and buy several pregnancy tests, which all came back negative. The point I’m making is, I was pregnant but not in a physical sense, I was with a child and I was the child. I was the mother looking at the child (or new version) of me and nurturing her loving her affirming her and reminding her of her power.

I saw in what felt like a vision or premonition, I was telling this new me that everything that happens in her life was because she chose it and that she too can choose another life. At that moment I took responsibility for everything that took place in my life and soon to take place in my life. I accepted to be accountable of my own life.  I took ownership of my experiences of my knowledge and my wisdom. I felt responsible to myself and for I had to say, teach, or share.

and there was my graduation into my initiation.

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