Birthing The Warrior and The Magi

We have all weak points, or areas in our lives that perceive to be weak. Since my inner initiation to the Mother, I have found passion and compassion to all the things that I have and have achieved; even to those things I felt I lost or have yet to achieve. I have a feeling of feeling complete. I live from my inspirations and desires; by just being me.

Photo Credit: Natural Awakening Jersey

I have been birthed into a Warrior where my past does not haunt me anymore. Those are my strengths thanks to the wealth of experience I acquired. My scars are my visual marks of strength and fortitude. I wear them proudly, and feel honored to have them. They remind me from whence I came and affirms to where I am going. I am the Best, my past does not define me, it affirms my growth.

This has also shown me that I am the Magi, or Magician. I have all the tools to create and recreate from the space of abundance. I see so much that I do have when  I look through the lens of gratitude. This has materialized so many opportunities to gain and acquire more. I feel unbound, breaker of chains of self-criticism and self-limitations. In relation to the Full Moon In Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, I cannot help but to see how this energy is a washing away of all the structures that I once held in life that no longer serves me and my growth; but also a nourishing for the newly birthed self.


I am so thankful and grateful for this journey of life. I am continually unlocking the Mystery (My-Story) of myself. There is so much I can share about the past, however the future is right in front of me and completely known yet unknown. I look forward to more to come; for I am the Warrior and the Magi.




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